Annual Birthday Blog!

I know I rarely blog anymore (well, I do blog, but it’s all for AIRMATIC or Worcester Roller Derby these days) but I wanted to continue tradition and post my annual birthday list! I turned 28 today, so this year’s list is 8 things I did this year that I’d never done before. Enjoy!

  1. Joined a roller derby league. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am learning a ton, getting my ass kicked, and having a freaking blast. The women I skate with are fabulous and I couldn’t ask for better teammates. Love you awesome nerds! (Watch a video of me getting low and hitting hard here!)
  2. Went skydiving. At this year’s annual Cape Cod vacation, Tyler, Em, and I went skydiving together. Few moments in my life measure up to the feeling of stepping out of a plane at 10,000 feet into the open air and just letting go. What a rush! (It didn’t hurt that my instructor screamed “Alohomora!” as our parachute opened. #memories)
  3. Sold a house. Jordan and I put our house on the market back in May and it was under contract within 12 hours. Can’t beat that!
  4. Got a Harry Potter tattoo. I could write a book about how much Harry Potter means to me, but suffice to say that I am quite a fan. Until the very end, Harry.FullSizeRender (15)
  5. Finished writing a novel. That’s right, I finished the book I wrote about in last year’s blog! Yay! I’ve not done anything with it since finishing, but maybe this year I’ll finish final edits and look into publishing!
  6. Binge watched the following shows: Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Longmire, The 100, The Mysteries of Laura, Sirens, Great British Bake-Off, Person of Interest, Diners Drive-Ins & Dives, Duff Till Dawn, Bob’s Burgers, Fuller House, Dance Academy, Zoo, Battle Creek, Degrassi: Next Class, Zero Hour, White Collar, Melissa & Joey, Young & Hungry, Bones, FRIENDS, Leverage.
  7. Read novels by the following authors: J K Rowling (10), Steven King (6), Barbara Kingsolver (4), Jodi Picoult (6), Harper Lee, Phillippa Gregory (5), Cassandra Clare (9), Amy Poehler, Pete Wentz, Haven Kimmel (2), Cormac McCarthy, Sue Monk Kidd, Carol Goodman, Carolyn Keene (3), William Brodrick, plus 900 children’s books (give or take.)
  8. Wore silk pants. Yeah, last year’s birthday resolution was a good one. I wore silk pants, fishnets under denim shorts, shoes with cats on them, crop tops (even though my post-Atticus belly button is a hot mess, floor-length fundie-style skirts, and a plethora of Harry-Potter themed garments. I wore what made me happy and it was a great decision. #noregretsIMG_8621

Here’s to 28; may it be even better than 27!


if i die young

[Sidebar, your honor: My post titles are usually lyrics to songs. This one is also a pun. Soak it in, folks, soak it in.]

Happy Friday!! (I know it’s Saturday now, but when I wrote this last night, I still had to wait for the project to dry before I could take the “after” picture. Pretend you’ve gone back in time.) Today was a good day. I hope yours was good, too! When I came home from work, J and I had edamame nuggets for dinner (or as we fondly call them, nugs) which were delicious. And then I got to craftin’!

Background: In high school, one of my really good friends worked at a CVS. She stole this sweet lab coat for me (that’s what friends are for, right?) and I’ve kept it all these years. It’s undergone some changes, like the addition of black buttons in place of white, or the insertion of some seams on each side to make it less boxy and more fitting, but in the end, it’s always been a big white lab coat. And I loved that. But today, I decided to take things up a notch. Today, my basic lab coat went from lab-drab-white to rethink-it-pink!

Because I’ve dyed things before, I figured you didn’t need a step-by-step guide. Instead, here’s a before and after picture, along with six helpful tips that never seem to be mentioned when people write tutorials on dying fabric. Note: all of these lessons were learned the hard way. Enjoy!

Fabulous, but still a little boring.
Bring it, lab coat. Let’s do this.

1. Roll up your sleeves, don’t just push them up. Pushing them up works for about half a second, or right until your gloved hands are fully emerged in the boiling dye-water.

2. Take off your rings before you put your hands in your rubber gloves and stick them in the steaming dye-water. Your hands WILL swell, and your rings WILL get stuck and you WILL feel like you have sausage fingers.

3. Find a good hour-long episode of something fun to watch on Netflix. (Did I mention Crossing Jordan just got added to Instant View?) The reasons are two-fold. One, it entertains. Two, it also works as a timer. When the episode ends, your fabric is done.

4. Wear something comfy, but also form-fitting. Comfy is important because as soon as your hands are in the dye, you can’t just pull them out and scratch your leg where the tag of your pants keeps itching. “So I’ll wear baggy pants,” you say naively. Wrong. Baggy clothes will always catch the edge of the bucket/pail/whatever you’re dying in, and yank it halfway across the kitchen floor, flinging purple water everywhere. Every time.

5. If you buy your bucket/pail/whatever at the dollar store, prepare for it to crack the second time you use it. If you’re lucky, it will crack horizontally, across the top and will still be useable. For now, at least.

6. Go ahead and take two years off of your life expectancy. I don’t have any scientific proof, but I can’t believe that breathing in the steam rolling off the top of a bucket full of chemicals for an hour can be good for you. Who knows though. Maybe you’ll live forever.

Lookin' pretty fly, Fantasia.
Oh, heck yes.

So, what do you think? Am I lab-chic or what?

(Craft 10 of 52: Complete!)

Bonus picture: The kitties eating dinner out of a mixing bowl like it’s no big thing.

Om nom, kittybears.

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