just look how far we’ve come

Atti is 6 months old today. Six months! Half a year! Wow. Here’s a quick summary of our life with Atti.  He started out as a tiny, wrinkly, red and squishy newborn. He didn’t cry for almost half an hour after birth. He was cuddly and sweet and amazingly mine. (I mean ours.)

Now, he is over 2 feet tall, weighs 20 pounds, can crawl backwards, rolls like a champ, eats solid food, sleeps on his tummy, and enjoys licking the occasional window.   Between then and now, we’ve had 6 doctor visits, 1 minor surgery, 7 vaccinations, 2 teeth, 1 bald spot, and a whole lot of fun.

 We’ve visited 5 states and met 1,000 relatives. We’ve made baby friends. We’ve made mommy friends. We’ve taken dozens of baths.

 We’ve dressed up.   We’ve dressed down.   We’ve had tons of cuddles.    We’ve gone to the zoo, Trader Joe’s, the library, 5 parks, the dentist, 2 thrift stores, and the coffeehouse.  We’ve smiled.  Like, a lot.   Except when we’ve not.

But mostly we’ve smiled.

 In a nutshell, it’s been the best. Here’s to the next 6 months, whatever they may bring!


ford is built tough

I can’t stop making that awful joke. Wait, let me explain. My beautiful cousin, Mariah, recently gave birth to a handsome little guy named Ford. This is him wearing the fantastic shark towel J and I gave him:

Oh. Oh my.

I freaking love him. Also, he’s a cuter Sharkboy than Taylor Lautner could ever hope to be. =P Anyway, I made him his very own Ford’s Technicolor Dreamblanket. (Patent pending.) If you click on the picture, you can see how colorful it is much more clearly. =)

"Give me my colored [blanket], my amazing colored [blanket]!"

Sending it off on Monday! =D

That’s all for now since I didn’t feel like sewing until mid-afternoon. And if I don’t feel like sewing, I don’t do it! I never want it to feel like a chore. =)

Hope everybody had a great Saturday!


like a child needs a blanket

What a beautiful Saturday!

Jordan had to go to work today (did I tell you he works at Great Harvest?) so I got up early (but not quite as early as him) and met him at the cafe where I enjoyed a fabulous muffin and a free cup of coffee! Then I went to JoAnn Fabrics for some bargain hunting!

I’m not going to lie to you: I spent over an hour wandering the aisles, just touching fabrics, shaking bags of buttons, and smelling fake flowers. It was a wonderland. A fabulous wonderland.

Anyway, I bought some supplies for today’s project as well as some impulse buys. First, I got a yard of purple flannel and some brown/green/blue/purple/pink plaid cotton to make a baby blanket for our friends’ forthcoming baby. Their son (below) was our ring-bearer and now they’re expecting a little girl!

"I like the phrase 'we're expecting.' It's like 'we're expecting a baby but it could be a pterodactyl.'"

This picture is so cute I could die. Anyway, when little Julia arrives, I want to be ready for her! First, I cut two equal-sized rectangles of purple flannel and plaid cotton.

Sisko is a great helper.

Sisko comes running as soon as I lay fabric on the ground to cut it. It’s like she can sense it, like she’s knows it’s there waiting for her to rub her paws and face on. She’s fab. So, back to the blanket. =P I cut the rectangles and then I sewed three of their sides together (wrong sides out) then turned it right side out and hemmed the last side. Finally, I did a running stitch around the other three edges to make it look nice.

At this point, my camera’s battery died so I took a break and ate some blueberry pie bread.

It's flaky on the outside and doughy in the center. Ahmazing.

My camera took a while to charge so I don’t have pictures of these steps. Sadface. I sewed five buttons across a piece of sky blue ribbon and then sewed the ribbon near the top of the blanket. (Before sewing it down, I sealed all the threads at the back of the buttons with hot glue, just to be extra-sure they’d never come loose!) Here’s the final product!

Hope Julia likes purple!

And a close-up of the buttons:

I love the contrasting pink thread.

I love the colors and hope Julia does, too! Craft 16 of 52: Complete!

In other news, I bought four remnants at JoAnn’s and wanted to share them with you! (Remnants are pieces of fabric that are less than a yard. They’re the very last bits on the bolt so stores usually sell them at a discount since there’s not too much there.) These were 50% off plus I had a 20% off coupon. Score.

So colorful!

I love that green/yellow fabric in the back. In case you can’t tell, it’s got little girls playing dress-up on it! And I also love the kiwi/strawberry one! I think it would make a very cute apron…or something else kitchen-y. Leave me a comment if you have any good ideas for projects using less than a yard of fabric!

That’s all for now, hope everyone enjoys this lovely day!


PS: Did you notice there’s no captions on my pictures? WordPress’s editing is all sorts of screwed up, and my HTML skills are really rudimentary, so rather than fight with it, I’m abandoning captions altogether. You can still hover your mouse over the pictures for secret messages, though! =P

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