This is the year I wear silk pants. 

It’s my favorite day of the year: my birthday! August 14th, man, what a day. Usually, I celebrate this auspicious occasion with a list of reasons why I’m grateful, or happy, or excited about the year to come, but this year I’m just going to lay down some random statements, throw in some life goals, and top it all off with a selfie. Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, here we go!

1. I’ve been writing a novel for almost two years now. This is the year I finish it. (Maybe. Hopefully.)

2. Isn’t it weird that on your 27th birthday, you’ve actually already completed your 27th year alive? I think that’s weird.

3. I’ve never been particularly fashionable, but I do spend a fair amount of time choosing what to wear, and it’s often anxiety-inducing. Not anymore, guys. This is the year I go for broke. I think the four pairs of silk pants (in varying degrees of loud patterns) that I recently acquired will pair nicely with my vast selection of Harry Potter-themed shirts and emo band t-shirts.

4. Atticus Rex is the coolest kid on the block. This year he’ll probably start walking and talking and that is just mind-blowing. #luckiestmomever

5. Oh, hey, speaking of moms: big shout-out to my mama on this the day of my birth! Thanks for building me and bringing me earthside, Mom, I appreciate it more this year than ever before. (No thank yous for my dad who brought flu germs into the delivery room, potentially endangering my life. Good work, Dad.)

6. Jordan took today off so that we could take Atti to the lake as a family! What a guy! He’s really embraced this whole dad thing. It suits him, too. My favorite part of the day is when Atticus wakes up and immediately makes a beeline for Dad in bed to grab his beard (his way of telling him how much he loves him, I think.)

7. I’ve been breastfeeding for almost 9 months now. Good work, me.

8. This year I’m going to amp up my social activities. Atti and I already have a standing weekly play date with new friends, but I’m going to try to take him to more group activities at the library and such. Seeing as it appears he’s an extrovert, I guess I should step my game up. #forthechildren

9. I’m also going to eat more vegetables. Seeing as I don’t eat any now (Vegetarian of the Year) it shouldn’t be too hard.

10. Overall, I expect this year to bring huge changes, immeasurable fun, and daily adventure. And I can’t wait. 😀



25 Reasons This Year Will Be The Best Year Ever

I’m 25 today! This year is going to be the best ever because…

1. I get to wear jeans and t-shirts to work every day.

2. My cats greet me at the door when I get home.

3. I live in an apartment with hardwood floors.

4. Even though I moved away from some of my best friends, we talk so much that it barely seems like I’ve gone anywhere.

5. We live, like, 10 minutes away from Lee so I get to have coffee dates with her whenever I want. 🙂

6. Jordan is taking me to Salem to see the witch museum this Saturday!

7. I’m seeing Fall Out Boy live in concert. And I freaking love them. #guiltypleasuremusic #sorrynotsorry

8. My rent is lower than it’s ever been!

9. Dunkin’ Donuts are everywhere up here and I can drink a huge iced caramel latte for $2.65.

10. My half-sleeve is finished as of yesterday. And it looks AWESOME.

11. I get to mold young minds everyday. (And send them home to their parents at 6 o’clock.)

12. I can rent a car if I want to.

13. For the first time in a while, we won’t have to drive/fly anywhere for Thanksgiving.

14. I still look adorable in overalls and not all 25 year olds can say that. 😛

15. The enflamed nerve in my foot seems to be slowly healing itself after over a year of hurting every day. (Bodies are weird.)

16. The next movie in the Hunger Games trilogy comes out at Thanksgiving.

17. We live above a dog who makes some of the funniest noises I’ve ever heard. (“Arooooooo?”)

18. Plan B is finally available for women of all ages. (Women’s rights! Aw yeah!)

19. My car is 10 years old and still runs great.

20. Every day, I get a little more comfortable in my own skin.

21. I get to hang out with Jordan, like, all the time.

22. There are bunnies living in our yard.

23. My kids at work call me Miss Kitty Cat. (Does it get better than that?)

24. I haven’t peaked yet; I just keep getting more fabulous. (I’m getting more modest, too.) 😛

25. I have the best family I could hope for. Thanks, guys, especially my mom and dad, for putting up with my nonsense and loving me as much as you do. I love you!

Now, bring on the birthday cake!


2nd annual gingerbread party results!

Well, the 2nd Annual Gingerbread Party has come and gone, which means that it’s time for another round of….WINNERS AND LOSERS! Oh wait, that’s SNL’s thing…I’ll just do winners then. =P But first, maybe you want to brush up on last year’s entries, just to see where we’re coming from. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. (We had a slight change in line-up this year as some of our guests couldn’t make it and we added some new contestants.) Okay, you ready?!


The fortress!This belong’s to Kyle (whose wife couldn’t make it this year. We missed her a ton, but we also had a chance of winning without her there dominating!). That bottom layer is made up of 4,549,230 individually wrapped assorted chocolate bars. It’s sturdy is what I’m saying. I also think the pretzel ramp is a nice touch, as well as the floating platforms on both sides. It should also be noted that Kyle made this in half the time as everyone else because he spent the first part making a portion of someone else’s (read: Jordan’s and my) gingerbread masterpiece. Good work, Kyle!



What an improvement!!This belongs to Rob and newcomer Cara. Last year, Rob and Alex made a mess. This year, Rob and Cara kicked butt. Let’s take a closer look!

Ooh! Ahh!We’ve got a garden (full of apples, pumpkins, and flowering plants!) A stepping stone path! Santa’s sleigh with reindeer (see red Rudolph leading the pack?)! A wobbly chimney! A silo! SWITCH TO AERIAL VIEW!

The birds are so lucky.I think those are trees in the back there, behind the garden, plus there’s a fantastic creek running through the back yard! Bottom line, this house is fantastic. Good work, Rob and Cara!!


Get ready to be blown away.This was made by Jordan and me, and in case you couldn’t tell, it’s the USS Arizona sinking, because yesterday was Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. On the left, we’ve got the USS Arizona half-submerged in the water, while its occupants try to evade the sharks that hunt them in the water. (That happened, right?) On the right, we’ve got an airplane hangar and runway, and some landlubbers desperately throwing rope to their swimming comrades. Full disclosure: Kyle made the boat. Whatever. I added the pretzels to it and made the waves lapping eagerly at the shoreline, so I think it’s even. Go, team!


Oh. Ohhh.This belongs to Jess, Wonsie, and Weller. (“Jess and Wonsie?” you say, “But theirs was so good last year!!” I KNOW!) So this started out being a prison. It had windows cut out of graham crackers and bars on those windows and everything. It was top-notch. And then something went wrong and it became a scene from The Walking Dead instead, where half of it was standing, but the other half had obviously suffered a zombie attack. They had Walking Dead characters in the mix (two of them dying, plus Carl outside with a shotgun) and it was still pretty good. Then something terrible happened. Now everything is covered in Cheetos and there are dead Sour Patch Kids everywhere. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. =P


FENWAY!This belongs to Shawn and Megan who didn’t attend last year (because we didn’t know them last year.) Obviously, it’s Fenway Park. I like the cheering sprinkle fans as well as the pretzel supports outside the stadium! It just all feels so realistic; I can almost hear the cheering! Good job, guys, we dig it!

So that’s that! We had a blast and hope our guests did, too! Now we’re off to scrub the icing off of our tabletops. =P

Hope everyone has a great weekend (and remember to vote on the annual poll!)

the long and the short of it.

I cut my hair today.

Well, actually, I had it cut. By a lovely woman named Jamie at Hair Cuttery who listened to everything I wanted, gave great advice, and didn’t try to talk me out of it. Which was unexpected, because my instructions to her were “I’d like you to cut off all my hair, please.”

Before I went to the salon, I googled something about really short hair. (I can’t remember the exact phrasing. Something along the lines of “will really short hair be a terrible idea?”) The results that came back were incredible. There were sites telling you what short haircut would suit your face shape, sites detailing women’s experience with getting their hair cut very short, and forums where people explained the reasons women should never have short hair. Here are some quotes that stood out the most:

“[W]hen I really thought about it, I wanted to be the girl with the short hair. I wanted to be Helen Slater in The Legend of Billie Jean. I wanted to be Winona Ryder in Reality Bites. I wanted to be Demi Moore in G.I. Jane. I wanted to transcend my hair.” – Rita Arens

“Every time a girl does this to her hair, she’s either just broken up with her boyfriend or she’s planning to.” – Chinny Chin Chin

“When the world sees you differently, so you, too, see the world differently. When you cut off your hair and are perceived as less feminine, you start to feel more butch, more powerful, more level with your male peers. How you perceive yourself doesn’t necessarily change — nor should it — but you become acutely aware that you are perceived differently. People interact with you differently, and your opportunities for interaction change.” – Jolie O’Dell

“My wife, Carly, has a long, straight, sexy bob–if she ever got a crew cut like Halle [Berry], I’d leave her–No wonder Halle’s boy toy left her!” – Chris Peitel

“When I cut my hair short almost three years ago, I didn’t mean to send any messages; I just wanted to look nice. Since then, however, I seem to be radiating some signal that I am a lesbian. If I am confusing people, I do not mean to, so apologies for any mix ups.” – Suzanne Reisman

“It is in our nature to be attracted to women with long healthy hair, just as it is attractive for a woman to have larger breasts.” – T-Bear32

“Maybe I can [cut off all my hair,] but I can’t do it without making a statement. Everyone I meet will think the statement is about something else. And maybe I would be making a statement. The statement that I don’t want my hair right now, and I should be able to make that decision myself.” – Kate Fridkis

I read a lot of articles and here’s what I decided: Short hair has nothing to do with how feminine or how masculine I am. It has nothing to do with my sexual orientation. It shouldn’t make me unappealing to men, but if it does, that’s okay. It doesn’t make me a feminist, and it doesn’t make me a radical. Having short hair makes me a woman who got her hair cut. And I’m quite okay with that. =)

Here’s the before:

Oh, hey there, me.

And here’s the after:

Aww, yeah. =P=)

EDIT: I need to clarify. I am a feminist. I believe in equal rights for both men and women. What I meant to say is that getting my hair cut short is not what makes me a feminist.


Hey, gang!

Today’s craft is brought to you by my coworker, Jason! It’s some basic mending!

The reason I’m counting this as a craft is because I used a new stitch on my sewing machine, one I’d never used before! It sounds odd, but I’ve really only ever used the straight stitch setting because my old sewing machine would jam if I tried to use any others. Anyway, I broke out the zigzag stitch to make these pants like new!

First, I whip-stitched the pants back together by hand, so that I wouldn’t have to fuss with trying to smooth out the wrinkles or anything while I pinned and sewed. Then, I pinned my fabric to the inside, and sewed a straight stitch on either side of the rip, to hold the patches in place. Finally, I ran a zigzag stitch right over the seams to keep them from fraying. (The zigzag stitch is often known as a poor-man’s serger, for this reason!)

Here’s the final product: (See the zigzags?!) (Also, this picture is sideways.)

Zigzaggy!Part of my sewing had to be done right beneath the top of the pocket, which was nice because it camouflaged any rough bits!

Oh, hey there, sausage fingers.Finally, I know you were all dying to know what kind of fabric I used for the patches. Waitforitttt.

Wild.Oh, yeah: fuzzy animal prints. =P

And that’s craft 42 of 52: Complete!

firefly festival

Hi, guys!

J and I are finally awake after sleeping for 10 hours while our bodies tried to recuperate from the festival yesterday. =P (We’re getting too old for this.) It was the coolest day ever though, and we had so much fun! I put together a couple video clips we took for you below, but first, here are some nifty pictures!

The welcome gates!We had to walk just about a mile from the parking lot to these gates. Just thought you should know that. In total, we walked about 7 miles yesterday.

These kids were freaking weird.The crowd (and my pink Toms!) The kids directly in front of us were really freaking weird. We witnessed more awkward/nerdy flirting than my heart could take and it was just painful. Painfully awkward. I dug it.

Om nom!For lunch we had chicken spring rolls (J), vegetable spring rolls (me), pork pot stickers (J), and Korean steamed rice (both of us). We also enjoyed frozen margaritas (me) and Dogfish Head Beer (J). Yum!

Magical!I didn’t edit this picture at all, for the record. It really was that cool. This was after the sun went down, as we headed to the main stage to see the Killers. They lit up the trees with all sorts of colors and it was just magical!

Hot air balloon!And finally, the hot air balloon! We didn’t go up in it, but it was still really cool. =P

That said, here’s the little video we put together. Enjoy!

In conclusion: the bands were great, the people were weird (but nice!), the food was better than expected, and the weather was perfect! Couldn’t have asked for a better day!







surprise post #2

Hey, guys!

Sorry it’s been so long between posts; I haven’t done any sewing this week because I was busy catching up on my other hobbies. =) I read a couple books, took some after-dinner naps, started taking the cats for walks, and drank a lot of tea. I also got a cortisone shot in my foot because my stress fracture turned out to be an inflamed tendon. The cortisone shot hurt like nobody’s business and made my foot into one big purple bruise, but it worked! Within two days, I was walking without my weird peg-leg limp! Hurrah!

Anyway, I hope to do some sewing tomorrow, but until then, enjoy some pictures of that craft I made but couldn’t show pictures of until it made its way to the recipient. It’s a beach bag for my future sister-in-law! =D

Beachy keen!

Here’s the inside: (Check out my nice hems!)

I liked the colors!


And, finally, the nice square bottoms so that when it’s full, it can stand up on it’s own:


I was proud of it! The terry-cloth fabric seemed perfect for a beach bag, and I still have some left over. I’m not sure what I’ll make out of that but hopefully, whatever it is, I’ll make it before we head up to the Cape this summer!

That’s all for now; hope everyone had a great week!


Bonus picture: Sora is all about the Macbooks.

How convenient.

what best friends are for

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to post real quick today before everybody gets back to their Memorial Day parades and whatnot! Caity came up to visit after church today and we had a pancake lunch together (cooked by Chef Jordan!)


We used pancake mix from Great Harvest and they were very yummy!

Besides just gifting me with her presence, Caity also brought me this:


That’s her sewing machine from when she was a kid; she used to sew curtains and rugs and whatnot for her dollhouse! How thoughtful was that?! I went ahead and finished up the last of those four shirts from yesterday and was thrilled with how well it ran! I’m holding onto this one to use until I’m able to set up my new sewing machine (which should arrive Thursday.) I have a fantastic best friend, don’t I? =D

Now I’m eating wasabi peas (one of my favorite snacks ever!), drinking iced tea and watching The Glades. I’m living the life. =P Hope everybody else is having a good day, too!


PS: 95% of my site views today have been from Malaysia! You guys are fab; thanks so much for reading!

good news, bad news

Hey, friends!

Ready to play good news/bad news? Actually, it’s more like, good news, good news, bad news, good news. (Try to keep up.) Okay, go!

1. I’m going to have custom clothing tags made! Kristen, the marketing assistant at work, does some freelance work, so I’m going to commission her to make a nice little logo for me that I can use as on fabric tags, as the header for my blog, and perhaps on business cards some day! Isn’t that nifty?! Here’s her website if you want to check out her work! I suggest looking at the children’s illustrations portion because I think it’s fab. =D

2. Another one of my coworkers asked me to do some alterations to a couple of shirts she bought, which is what I spent the day doing. They were all a little too long, so I took some measurements and did some hemming. I love the patterns!

I like that orange one best!

And here’s Fantasia wearing one of the finished products:


I got three and a half out of the four shirts done today, which brings us to…

3. My sewing machine broke. Again. This time, I think it’s for good. =( No fear, though, my sister-in-law got it when she was in middle school, and she just finished her first year of college, so it’s lived a good life. I was still a little bummed though because I love Sir Mends-A-Lot. Sigh. But…

4. I ordered a new machine after doing mucho research, and it should be here on Thursday. It’s the Janome 2212 and it looks like this:


She got great reviews and was definitely in my price range at around $150. My first project with her will be finishing the final foot of the that last shirt. (Awful timing, right?)

So that’s my day in a nutshell. Oh, wait! I have one more piece of good news! After much anticipation, it finally arrived! (“What arrived?” you say, naively.) Just the most exciting thing ever!

Yer a wizard, Kitty!

That’s right, my letter from Hogwarts arrived, via owl. Everybody get jealous. (As you can tell by the address on the envelope, it actually arrived while I was in Florida, but I didn’t take pictures until now.) I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I have no proof, but I think my sister-in-law, Hani, might have had something to do with it… =P

Anyway, that’s all for now as Jordan and I will just be hanging around the house with Caity tomorrow and perhaps having a picnic date on Monday. But only because we did our chores first. The kitties helped. Here they are folding laundry:

Toasty warm.

What would we do without them?! Have a great weekend, everybody!


back from florida!

Hi, friends!

Jordan and I are back home from Florida after a fantastic vacation. Before I get into the gritty details (read: Harry Potter and the Tampa Aquarium), first let’s all appreciate this picture of my brother wearing the kiwi/strawberry apron I made for his lovely wife:

This one's a keeper.

Sorry, ladies: this guy’s taken. =P

Anyway, that’s one of the surprise projects I was keeping from you. I had fun making it and I loved making something for Hani! She’s the best!

While we were in Florida we also did Hani-crafts, like making our own spring rolls! Here’s a shot of Jordan and Hani rolling away:


And here’s the finished product:


They were delicious, and Jordan and I can’t wait to make them on our own!

We also made home-made pizza. Action shot!

Like a champ.

Here’s J and I with the finished meal:

Lookin' good, Pihls.

We also spent some time chilling with the wizards at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as well as hanging with the fishies at the Tampa Aquarium, both of which were awesome.

Riptide falls. Whaaaat.

That’s us, soaking wet, in front of the Riptide Falls at Universal. It was the best flume ride ever. Seriously. And that wheelchair? That’s mine. I have a stress fracture in the ball of my left foot. =( It was still a fabulous vacation, though. We had a blast hanging out with Nathan and Hani, and we miss them a lot now that we’re home. (But we missed the kitties a lot while we were gone, and are so glad to be home with them!)

Coming up, I’ve got some more tailoring for coworkers, and that jacket I started a couple months ago. =P To tide you over until then, here’s a picture of Wally, Nathan and Hani’s cat:


Props to Hani for the majority of these pictures. She’s got mad photog skills. =D

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