Señor Clingypants

And so it begins: the clingy stage.

We wake at 7:00, having spent all night sleeping with our faces two inches apart, to begin our day together. It starts with cuddles. Those are important. Next, I change Atti’s diaper. This is punctuated with piercing shrieks because Atti hates being dry and snug apparently. Then, more cuddles. Usually while I make coffee and breakfast one-handed.

At 8:00, we head down to my living room office for work, where Atti hangs out in the pack and play, but only as long as I feed him berry flavored puffs. Once the puffs are gone, so is Atti’s happiness. The next hour and a half is a mixed bag: it mostly subsists of Atti climbing all over my chair, desk, and body while I work. Sometimes he ventures further into the living room, but his adventuring almost always ends in either him breaking something (most recently a ceramic bowl we received as a wedding gift) or bumping his head and sniffling his way back to my lap. 

I get a respite at 10:30 for Atti’s first nap. Hallelujah. The temporary peace is shattered when he wakes up and needs to be changed. The only thing that calms him is more cuddles. 

At lunch time, we move into the kitchen (a perk of working from home is the ease with which I can relocate my laptop to a more Atti-friendly location) and have some snacks. Then, Atti plays at my feet for a half hour or so, but always within a two foot radius of my chair. 

After work, we shower. Atti likes to play with his bath toys while sitting on my feet. It works for us so no complaints here.

We usually run errands in the afternoon, which Atti loves since they always involve me hauling the diaper bag on one shoulder, and him on my hip, while trying to accomplish things that really need two hands. 

When we get home, it’s nap time again. This one gets taken in bed instead of the crib, where we cuddle up under our blanket and snuggle. Atti wakes up sweaty but seems to think it’s worth it. I, of course, get nothing done during this potential free-time. After the nap, we try to do some chores around the house, but rarely accomplish much before J gets home.

Atti meets him at the stairs, but then spends all evening chasing me around the kitchen, climbing my legs and crying when I get away. Last night, I went into the bedroom to have quiet time while J watched Atti, and little man busted the bedroom door open like a one-man SWAT team to get to me. 

Finally, we read books in bed until it’s time to turn out the lights. Then, Atti snuggles up and demands to be held with both arms (to ensure I’m not Facebooking or the like) until he falls asleep. It’s not over then though, oh no. I am held hostage in bed from that point out because if I get up, Atti is immediately awake and sitting up, rubbing his eyes sleepily but ready to follow me out into the kitchen should I try and make a break for it. At least I can usually watch Netflix in bed. 

The night passes quickly with Atti waking every 2-4 hours to be nursed or soothed back to sleep. And at 7:30, it all starts over again! 

Ah, the joys of a clingy baby! I wouldn’t trade it for anything though!



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