necessary unnecessary baby items

The following is a list of unnecessary baby items that have become staples in this home. Things that technically aren’t “needs,” but that I/Atti/my sanity cannot live without:


 Wubs is a little monkey, attached to a pacifier. He’s a Wubbanub and he makes bedtime, playtime, and travel so much more enjoyable for us all. Atti can easily grab his legs and arms to reposition him, and doesn’t seem to care what part of Wubs goes in his mouth! (Wubbanubs come in a ton of different animals. Due to my debilitating fear that Wubs will get lost and Atti will never sleep again, we recently purchased a 3-pack to have as backup.)

Mirror for Rear-facing Car Seats.

This accessory attaches to the backseat headrest and allows the driver to see the rear-facing baby by looking in the rearview mirror at this mirror. It’s been a great reliever of stress in the car. Baby’s screaming? Check the mirror and see that it’s because he threw Wubs out of reach! Baby’s coughing? Check the mirror and confirm that he’s not choking! (Bonus: the mirror we have also plays music and lights up!)

Swaddle sacks. 

Turns out I can’t swaddle a baby to save my life. Enter this stretchy sack with Velcro closures! Pop the baby in the sack, Velcro him up, and, voilà, happy baby! We also had fleece ones for winter, which Atti loved to be in naked!

This teether.

 Any teether will get the job done, but this ones the cutest. 😁

Baby nail scissors. 

 After the first time I cut a chunk of Atti’s thumb off with regular clippers, we switched to baby scissors and have never looked back.

Dress-up clothes. 

 Because look at this kid.   I mean, seriously.

 Just look at him.


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