it’s that time…

Time for my annual birthday list!

Here’s 26 reasons I’m happy right now:

1. Jordan’s taking me to the zoo on Saturday!

2. We own our own house!

3. Sora’s belly isn’t bald anymore!

4. I work from home and love it!

5. I’m only 9 years (and a few millions dollars) away from being able to run for president!

6. I’m 25 weeks pregnant!

7. Sisko only wakes me up once a night for snacks now! (It used to be three times!)

8. We finally finished the library downstairs and it’s the most relaxing room ever!

9. There’s a creek in the woods lining our backyard!

10. I’m going to get to share all my favorite children’s books with Cletus!

11. My best friend is visiting me in two weeks!

12. And we’re going to Build A Bear to build Cletus a bear!

13. Jordan’s commute is only 10 minutes so he gets home earlier than before and I get to see more of him!

14. I’m almost done reading Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets aloud to Cletus!

15. Someday I’ll get to take Cletus to the Harry Potter theme park at Universal!

16. J and I have an anniversary coming up next week!

17. It’s watermelon season!

18. And soon it will be pumpkin latte season!

19. We’ll be able to have a live tree this Christmas!

20. I got good news about my blood work last week!

21. Cletus celebrated by kicking me all day long (and has been doing so for the past 8 weeks)!

22. Sisko is a great catch-and-release mouser!

23. There’s a bunny that likes to eat the grass next to my car and we hang out on the regular!

24. We’ve settled on a name for Cletus!

25. I have a really great family (nuclear, extended, and in-laws included!)

26. It’s my birthday!!



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

One response to “it’s that time…

  1. Mom

    Love it, and love YOU!

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