christmas part one

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Here’s a quick round-up of the gifts I made this Christmas! (There will be a part 2 since some of the gifts I made haven’t been received yet and I don’t want to ruin the surprise!)

The first gift I made this year was a pencil/paintbrush roll-up for Hani. (I was so pleased with it, I made another one for Lee later!)

ImageNext, I made two hollowed-out books for Hani and Nathan. (Nathan later told me he’d been wanting one since he saw The Matrix; win!)

ImageAfter that, I busted out my paintbrush and wood glue and made these dinosaur bookends (also for Nathan.)

ImageFinally, I made a big batch of candles for my parents, friends, and coworkers. I’d never made candles before but it was really fun! These are made with beeswax pellets melted in a double burner, scented with brown sugar oil, and poured into teacups to set. I went to the thrift store (four or five times!) with a list of people I’d be making candles for and picked out teacups that reminded me of them; it was really fun! (The first set of pictures is the process, the second is a few of the finished products.)


ImageA few more gifts with follow shortly! Hope everyone had a great year!



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

5 responses to “christmas part one

  1. Robert Fulton

    you are so creative-love the things you made. Grammy

  2. Diane Nave

    I was thinking about you earlier today…wondering if you had posted about any of your Christmas projects yet!

  3. Mom

    I saw all of these gifts in person and they were fabulous!

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  5. Mama Pihl

    We love our candles and magnets! The gifts you made for everyone are awesome. So very creative 🙂

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