d to the p

I’m having a great 2013 so far! I performed a feminist-y poetry set at an open mic night on Tuesday and got a great reception! My two favorite moments were the woman who came over and thanked Jordan for being so cool (for not being a slave to the patriarchy, I assume) and the girl who told me I was her new best friend, then proceeded to do a stand-up comedy routine about feminism. (She was really, really good!) Anyway, the whole thing was wonderful and I loved it! Tomorrow night, I think J and I are headed to a different coffeehouse to do it up again!

Fun fact of the day: “D to the P” is a phrase that was introduced to me last night by a Bryn Mawr College graduate (the same one who is now my newest best friend). It stands for “death to the patriarchy” and I love it. Here is her explanation of the saying, in a blog post entitled “D to the P (but I still love you, Dad).”

Happy Wednesday!


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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

2 responses to “d to the p

  1. Mom

    Interesting blog by Lily. I was intrigued until she slipped into the typical stereotype at the very end–“unless your uncle is Mitt Romney….” Yes, because naturally no woman could believe in equality and be a conservative.

    • Well, I do think that was supposed to make you chuckle, but it also does have some bearing to it. Most Conservatives believe in values that many feminists today don’t. Current feminism includes encouraging equality in all areas of life. It’s about gender equality as well as marriage equality and racial equality. Suffice to say, many (most?) conservatives do not believe in gay marriage or abortion. These are the ideals that would conflict if your uncle was Mitt Romney. In any event, I know that you believe in equality while being conservative, so I will spread the word. =)

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