scalloped hem skirt

Happy Sunday, friends!

Today’s craft comes from this tutorial on Cut Out + Keep on changing a regular hemline to a scalloped hemline! Instead of altering a skirt I already had, however, I made a new one out of some pretty peacock fabric I had!

I like that they also look like eyeballs.I started by taking my measurements and cutting two equal pieces for the front and back, then sewing them together with French hems.

Frenchtastic.Then I added the waistband (that I already sewed my whatkittydid tag on to!)

I love my tags!

Waistbands are exciting.(When I was all done and tried it on, I realized I sewed the waistband with pleats onto the elastic which pretty much cancelled out any stretch the elastic had added to the skirt. It was a pain, but I took it all out and redid it. =P )

Next, I drew my scallop marks on to the inside of the skirt with a pencil and sewed a zigzag stitch along my markings.

Scallopy!Once that was done, all I had to do was cut the excess off as close to the zigzag as possible (to prevent fraying.)

Close-up! I dig it.If I did this again, I would definitely make the scallops deeper so that they were more visible when it’s being worn. Maybe I’ll make them deeper on this one at some point. Who knows!

Anyway, that’s craft 47 of 52: Complete!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is gearing up for some holiday festivities!!


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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

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