2nd annual gingerbread party results!

Well, the 2nd Annual Gingerbread Party has come and gone, which means that it’s time for another round of….WINNERS AND LOSERS! Oh wait, that’s SNL’s thing…I’ll just do winners then. =P But first, maybe you want to brush up on last year’s entries, just to see where we’re coming from. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. (We had a slight change in line-up this year as some of our guests couldn’t make it and we added some new contestants.) Okay, you ready?!


The fortress!This belong’s to Kyle (whose wife couldn’t make it this year. We missed her a ton, but we also had a chance of winning without her there dominating!). That bottom layer is made up of 4,549,230 individually wrapped assorted chocolate bars. It’s sturdy is what I’m saying. I also think the pretzel ramp is a nice touch, as well as the floating platforms on both sides. It should also be noted that Kyle made this in half the time as everyone else because he spent the first part making a portion of someone else’s (read: Jordan’s and my) gingerbread masterpiece. Good work, Kyle!



What an improvement!!This belongs to Rob and newcomer Cara. Last year, Rob and Alex made a mess. This year, Rob and Cara kicked butt. Let’s take a closer look!

Ooh! Ahh!We’ve got a garden (full of apples, pumpkins, and flowering plants!) A stepping stone path! Santa’s sleigh with reindeer (see red Rudolph leading the pack?)! A wobbly chimney! A silo! SWITCH TO AERIAL VIEW!

The birds are so lucky.I think those are trees in the back there, behind the garden, plus there’s a fantastic creek running through the back yard! Bottom line, this house is fantastic. Good work, Rob and Cara!!


Get ready to be blown away.This was made by Jordan and me, and in case you couldn’t tell, it’s the USS Arizona sinking, because yesterday was Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. On the left, we’ve got the USS Arizona half-submerged in the water, while its occupants try to evade the sharks that hunt them in the water. (That happened, right?) On the right, we’ve got an airplane hangar and runway, and some landlubbers desperately throwing rope to their swimming comrades. Full disclosure: Kyle made the boat. Whatever. I added the pretzels to it and made the waves lapping eagerly at the shoreline, so I think it’s even. Go, team!


Oh. Ohhh.This belongs to Jess, Wonsie, and Weller. (“Jess and Wonsie?” you say, “But theirs was so good last year!!” I KNOW!) So this started out being a prison. It had windows cut out of graham crackers and bars on those windows and everything. It was top-notch. And then something went wrong and it became a scene from The Walking Dead instead, where half of it was standing, but the other half had obviously suffered a zombie attack. They had Walking Dead characters in the mix (two of them dying, plus Carl outside with a shotgun) and it was still pretty good. Then something terrible happened. Now everything is covered in Cheetos and there are dead Sour Patch Kids everywhere. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. =P


FENWAY!This belongs to Shawn and Megan who didn’t attend last year (because we didn’t know them last year.) Obviously, it’s Fenway Park. I like the cheering sprinkle fans as well as the pretzel supports outside the stadium! It just all feels so realistic; I can almost hear the cheering! Good job, guys, we dig it!

So that’s that! We had a blast and hope our guests did, too! Now we’re off to scrub the icing off of our tabletops. =P

Hope everyone has a great weekend (and remember to vote on the annual poll!)


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