iphone case

Hey, friends!

Hope everybody (in the US) had a great Thanksgiving! J and I went up to MA and spent time with family, which was fabulous!

We played pool…


We hung out with kitties…

I love Miss Madison!We spent quality time with Emilee…

Emephant and Elepheen.

All in all: a fun trip!

Now, on to my craft!

I bought this clear phone case on Amazon a while ago with the idea to make a little collage in it. I couldn’t think of a theme that I liked though, so instead I picked one larger picture that would fill the whole case.

First, I got my decoupage glue and the case out.

The case.

The glue.

Then I traced the case onto the picture I chose and cut it out.

Damn skippy we can do it.I applied a layer of glue to the case.

A sticky situation, to be sure.Then I carefully laid the picture, face down, into the glue, and applied another layer of glue to the back. After it was pretty set, I took an exacto knife and cut out the camera hole. The finished product?

That's right, ladies.Bam! My very own Rosie the Riveter phone case! (The glue’s still wet here, so while some of the mottling effect may stay, it should be slightly less antique-y.)

Craft 46 of 52: Complete!

Hope everybody has a great weekend!




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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

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