braided headband…….

EDIT: All those periods in the title? Those are from Sisko standing on the keyboard. I thought I got her off before she typed anything but apparently not. I could change it but I like them. =P


Happy almost-Thanksgiving!

It’s starting to get chilly out so I made this fun braided headband to keep my head toasty this winter!

First, I cut thirty or so 60 inch strands of yarn.

The cats loved this part.

Next, I secured the pieces together at one end with a thin hair tie. I braided them all (using ten strands for each section) and secured the bottom with another hair tie.

Bought this on sale. Whaaat.Finally, I looped the braid into the double loop I wanted for the headband and sewed the yarn ends together. (I did this by putting a piece of thin fabric under them and then sewing them to that so that the threads wouldn’t jam my sewing machine.) After that, I looped more thread tightly around the fabric covered portion until it was hidden. Here’s the finished product:

Blue steel.I liked the fabric bit at the back, but Jordan felt it should be front and center. Who am I to argue with the model? =P Here’s a close-up:

He's so fly.So a big thanks to my model, my handsome husband, and that’s craft 45 of 52: Complete!


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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

One response to “braided headband…….

  1. Mom

    Great look for Jordan! What a sport!

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