reindeer love me.

It’s true, they do.

To return the affection, I made myself a woolen skirt out of this fabric:


I cut two 28.5″ by 21″ pieces and sewed the short sides together with french seams. Then I hemmed the top and pinned it to a loop of elastic already measured and sewn to fit around my waist.

It got kind of bunchy because there was so much fabric.

In order to keep the waistband flat, I sewed down the top and bottom of that hem with a zigzag stitch.

Yeah!The straight stitch is the hem on the top, the two zigzags are what’s holding the elastic to the knit. After that, I hemmed the bottom and, voila, the finished product:

I love it!Craft 43 of 52: Complete!!

Unrelated: Everyone should watch this video because it’s great.


About whatkittydid

I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

One response to “reindeer love me.

  1. Mom

    This is the cutest skirt yet! I love it!

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