Hey, gang!

Today’s craft is brought to you by my coworker, Jason! It’s some basic mending!

The reason I’m counting this as a craft is because I used a new stitch on my sewing machine, one I’d never used before! It sounds odd, but I’ve really only ever used the straight stitch setting because my old sewing machine would jam if I tried to use any others. Anyway, I broke out the zigzag stitch to make these pants like new!

First, I whip-stitched the pants back together by hand, so that I wouldn’t have to fuss with trying to smooth out the wrinkles or anything while I pinned and sewed. Then, I pinned my fabric to the inside, and sewed a straight stitch on either side of the rip, to hold the patches in place. Finally, I ran a zigzag stitch right over the seams to keep them from fraying. (The zigzag stitch is often known as a poor-man’s serger, for this reason!)

Here’s the final product: (See the zigzags?!) (Also, this picture is sideways.)

Zigzaggy!Part of my sewing had to be done right beneath the top of the pocket, which was nice because it camouflaged any rough bits!

Oh, hey there, sausage fingers.Finally, I know you were all dying to know what kind of fabric I used for the patches. Waitforitttt.

Wild.Oh, yeah: fuzzy animal prints. =P

And that’s craft 42 of 52: Complete!


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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

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