peasant skirt

2 posts in one day! Whaaat!

After I drank some coffee and really woke up, I started feeling crafty. I decided to do another project that would use up some remnants, and after searching the interwebs for a while, I settled on a nifty peasant skirt. First, I chose my fabrics:

Pretty!Then I cut my pattern pieces based on the incredibly handy calculator tool here. Basically, you just plug in your waist measurement and it tells you the dimensions of the pieces you should cut. The top piece will be the shortest rectangle, with each layer after that getting longer and longer.

After cutting out my 8 rectangles (2 identical ones from each fabric) I sewed each matching set together along the short sides.

This is the top piece.After this step, I had four tubes of fabric instead of 8 rectangles. I took my top two tubes (the top of the skirt and the next layer down) and made some gathers with pins. (You could also baste them and get your gathers that way, but I like the pin method.) Then I sewed them together. When I was done, it looked like this:

So far so good!I did this for the other two layers and then hemmed the top and bottom before adding some elastic to the waist. And that was that! Here’s Fantasia modeling like a champ:

She's still wearing the tank top from the bleach episode.And a close up of the fabrics:

Very peasant-y!And that’s craft 38 of 52: Complete!

This one took longer than it looks like because it took some time to cut (and iron) all the pieces, and then do the gathering. It wasn’t too hard, but it did take some care. (No ‘cut first, measure later’ for this project!)

I like the finished skirt a lot, though! It’s super lightweight and very fun! Sisko likes it too; she’s currently trying to knead it. =/

Hope everybody had a good Sunday!







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