firefly festival

Hi, guys!

J and I are finally awake after sleeping for 10 hours while our bodies tried to recuperate from the festival yesterday. =P (We’re getting too old for this.) It was the coolest day ever though, and we had so much fun! I put together a couple video clips we took for you below, but first, here are some nifty pictures!

The welcome gates!We had to walk just about a mile from the parking lot to these gates. Just thought you should know that. In total, we walked about 7 miles yesterday.

These kids were freaking weird.The crowd (and my pink Toms!) The kids directly in front of us were really freaking weird. We witnessed more awkward/nerdy flirting than my heart could take and it was just painful. Painfully awkward. I dug it.

Om nom!For lunch we had chicken spring rolls (J), vegetable spring rolls (me), pork pot stickers (J), and Korean steamed rice (both of us). We also enjoyed frozen margaritas (me) and Dogfish Head Beer (J). Yum!

Magical!I didn’t edit this picture at all, for the record. It really was that cool. This was after the sun went down, as we headed to the main stage to see the Killers. They lit up the trees with all sorts of colors and it was just magical!

Hot air balloon!And finally, the hot air balloon! We didn’t go up in it, but it was still really cool. =P

That said, here’s the little video we put together. Enjoy!

In conclusion: the bands were great, the people were weird (but nice!), the food was better than expected, and the weather was perfect! Couldn’t have asked for a better day!








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