beachwear and cupcats

Happy Saturday, friends!

Jordan and I were supposed to go tubing on the Delaware with my parents and some friends from church, but the weather forecast didn’t look so good so we had to postpone it. While that was a bummer, it did give us a weekend to relax, which is always appreciated!

As part of my relaxing day, I made this simple vest for when we head to the Cape. If you hadn’t noticed, I have skin paler than snow, so the beach is hard for me. =( But I’m coping with the sombrero-esque straw hat I bought the other day and now this nice vest to shield my shoulders and back!

First, I cut out my pattern pieces:

Oh, Sisko's in the picture. Shocker.

The front two pieces are longer than the back because I wanted them to taper down into two points, so that I could tie them together if I wanted.

Next, I hemmed all the edges that weren’t going to be sewn to something else, then I did french seams on the pieces that would be sewn to something else.

Kissing, seams, fries, toast...the French do everything better.

Then I pinned the shoulders together. You can see in the pattern pieces that the front shoulder is much wider than the back, which allowed me to pleat them a bit for some extra flowiness. (You know how I love flowy things!)

Pleater Pan would be proud.

Finally, I cut and hemmed the bottom of the front pieces into two big triangles. Here’s the finished product, loose:

Loose-y goose-y.


Tied-y whitey?

And from the back:

Justin Timberlake once wrote a song about Fantasia's back.

And that’s that! Craft 36 of 52: Complete!

So now you’re probably wondering where the cupcats come in to all of this. Or what a cupcat is. Or maybe you didn’t read the title of my blog and weren’t thinking any of these things at all.

Well, allow me to enlighten you! J and I will be celebrating our 1-year anniversary next month and to celebrate, we commissioned a custom watercolor portrait by Jessie Oleson. She specializes in cupcake art and she is phenomenal. So, in our fab portrait, we are cupcakes, hanging out in a big ol’ library with our itty bitty cupcats. Are you intrigued? Well, get ready, because this morning Jessie sent over a picture of the almost-finished work! Drumroll, please….

Did your mind just get blown?!

It’s okay to be speechless; I was. Make sure you click on the picture to see it full-size so you can take in all the details (like the spines of the books!) I’m in love with it and cannot wait to frame it and hang it up!!

That’s all for now, but I hope everybody has a great weekend! (If you want you’re weekend to be really great, maybe you should get a cupcake portrait done.) =P



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

2 responses to “beachwear and cupcats

  1. Mom

    I love the anniversary picture! And your new vest is really pretty–the fabric is great!

  2. mama pihl

    Wow! I remember you telling me about your cupcat picture that you were getting down in celebration of your one year anniversary! I love it! So cute with your two little cupkitties! Hard to believe it’s almost been a year of wonderful wedded bliss!

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