bleachy keen.

Hey, friends!

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers and happy Wednesday to everybody else! =)

I’m enjoying a lovely day off which started with a cup of coffee and a good book, followed by the (loud) sounds of a parade outside our window and has come to a nice peak with some crafting!

I’ve had a couple of Jordan’s t-shirts in my craft stash for a while now and decided that today was a good time to use one of them. I picked a nice, soft, blue one to start. First, I cut off the bottom hem and the hem on the sleeves to give it a more un-finished look. Then I cut the neckline a little wider. In this picture, it’s wrapped around my rotary cutting board (and being sat on by Sisko.)

The epitome of helpful.

Next, I cut up some cardboard of an old shoebox and made a tube.

Jodan's eating his brekkist in the background. =)

Then I poured some bleach into a plastic container.

Being careful not to spill it all over myself.

While the bleach was out, I got sidetracked and did some very brief cleaning of the bathroom, scrubbing down the faucets and what not. But then I got back on track.

I dipped the tube in the bleach and pressed it down on the shirt, following the pattern I was envisioning in my head.


This is when the board between the shirt came in handy. Without it, the rings I made on the front would have soaked through and made rings on the back as well. The board kept the bleach from running through.

After I’d put down all the circles I wanted on the front, I lifted the board up, and held it in place while I did  the (much-less-complicated) back. I couldn’t just flip it over and lay it back down, or the design I’d just made on my shirt would then be mirrored on my carpet. Bleach is a tricky sonofagun.

Finally, I waited for it to dry. When the rings were all the shade I wanted, I rinsed it out in cold water, which stops the bleach from continuing to suck out the color.

Here’s the finished product, nice and simple!

Fantasia rocks a t-shirt.

And the side, so you can see how the rings wrap around the sleeve:

That map in the background takes up an entire wall of our living room.

And a close-up of the back!

Can you tell I've been watching the Olympic trials?

In case you’re wondering why I’ve dressed Fantasia in a tank top under the shirt, it’s because I took these pictures before I washed the shirt out and I didn’t want to get any errant bleach stains on her. =P

Also, by the time I finished taking pictures, cleaned the sink (I didn’t want to put my nice shirt in a dirty sink!) and ran the water as cold as I could, the rings were even more pronounced. I like it!

Craft 35 of 52: Complete!

Hope everybody has a great day and enjoys the fireworks tonight! And if you won’t be seeing fireworks, perhaps these cat pictures will cheer you up.

Here’s Sisko and me, taking a nap:

She loves her mummy!

And here’s Sora sleeping in a bag of clothes destined for the thrift store:

Dreaming sweet, kitty dreams.



Love your country. Your country is the land where your parents sleep, where is spoken that language in which the chosen of your heart, blushing, whispered the first word of love; it is the home that God has given you that by striving to perfect yourselves therein you may prepare to ascend to him. – Giuseppe Mazzini


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  1. Diane Blythe Nave

    I love the shirt…very cute!

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