dresses, skirts, puzzles, and froyo

Happy Sunday!

Did everybody had a fantastic weekend? I certainly did! I went home to Jersey on Saturday and hung out with Caity and my parents. We went to our church breakfast and then hung out on the front porch and did a jigsaw puzzle! I’ve always loved my parents but the older I get the more I realize that I love them as people and not just as my parents. (There is a big distinction!) Growing up is weird. =P

Anyway, before I get into my crafts, you’ve requested it and I’m delivering: pictures of Sisko on her leash!

Poking around the trash can while J makes his Zoolander face.

I'm on top of the worrrrrld!

Isn’t she precious!?

Okay, back to crafts! On Friday, I went through my fabric odds-and-ends and pulled out a bunch of fabrics I thought would be nice on a fun summer dress. I was going to piece them together as is, but then I thought it might be better with a sort of slip underneath. I got out some bright green fabric and made a basic baggy dress shape. Then, I braided some brown fabric together and attached them as straps.

It's VERY green.

After that, I laid out the patterned fabrics and rearranged them until I liked them. Then I cut the right sized pieces of each.

Three out of four are remnants!

After that, I just sewed and pieced and sewed and pieced until everything was right. Finally, I sewed some elastic (salvaged out of another old garment) around the waist of the dress to give it some shape. Here’s the finished product:

The face I was making in this shot was so bad it HAD to be cropped.

I'm ready for summer!

I really like it; it’s got a neat feel to it and I love how the green underlayer pops out at the bottom! (Unplanned, but nifty!) Project 33 of 52: Complete!

Today, I went to JoAnn’s and picked up some jersey fabrics and a white cotton blend with pastel polka dots that, for some reason, is named “Burlap Idaho Potato.” It wouldn’t have been my first choice for a name, but alright.

I decided to make a trapezoid skirt out of the patterned jersey (the other is plain black) and attached the waistband so that the elastic shows. Trapezoid skirts are nice because they have some flow to them, but because the waist length is shorter than the bottom length, it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the hip area. I didn’t take pictures during the process because it was pretty simple: Cut two identical trapezoids, sew them together, add waistband. =P

See the trapezoid?

I like this style!

I really like the pattern on this fabric and I love how adding the black elastic to the outside changes the look of the skirt! Project 34 of 52: Complete!

I’m off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday night now and eat some more of my Arctic Zero: a weird whey-based ice cream that has 150 calories per pint. We saw it at the store and couldn’t resist. (We also bought 3 half gallons of fro-yo. They were on sale. No judgment.)

Hope everyone has a great week!



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