Happy Saturday!

Jordan and I slept in a bit today and then sat on the couch with our coffee and books, which was nice and relaxing. Then we broke out the Monopoly and I was reminded of how much I hate losing board games. (Jordan: I didn’t beat you by that much. Me: Yes, you did! You had hotels everywhere and I was poor! Jordan: You’re right. I crushed you.)

Jordan. Crushing me.

In case you’re curious, I was the top hat, and Jordan was the thimble. Gender roles are for suckers.

Suck it, gender roles.

After that, I got out my old Scrabble board and got to crafting. We’re all about the board games today because we just bought a new Monopoly board and Scrabble (with Tile Lock technology so all the tiles click into place and don’t slide about the board freely). We got Monopoly because Jordan likes it and Scrabble because our old board was missing a bunch of tiles. (Because I used them for crafts.)

Anyway, I decided to make a wall hanging out of the old board. For a theme, we settled on wedding stuff. First, I went through all of our cards from the wedding (yes, I saved everything, even the rsvp cards,) and picked out ones whose colors complemented the board.

Oh, nostalgia.

Everybody check out that Scrabble themed card up in the top left! I didn’t end up using that one because it clashed a bit, but I still think it’s one of the best cards! (Thanks, Aunt Kerri and Bob!)

Next, I got out all of the Scrabble tiles and started pulling out letters for phrases I wanted on the board.

There's so many because it was Super Scrabble, with twice the tiles.

After I arranged everything, I got out the super glue and started pinning things down. (These pictures were taken before I glued, hence the uneven tiles and arched cards!)

The date we were married.

Happier together!

That's us!


And here’s the finished board, (resting on a chair with a suspiciously Scrabble-like pattern):

I dig it!

I’m going to take it to JoAnn’s soon and have it framed. I really like how it turned out and I look forward to hanging it in our apartment! Project 32 out of 52: Complete! (Only 20 to go!!)

I’m off to beat Jordan in a game of Scrabble now. (I have to redeem myself from the earlier Monopoly debacle, after all!) Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

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