surprise post #2

Hey, guys!

Sorry it’s been so long between posts; I haven’t done any sewing this week because I was busy catching up on my other hobbies. =) I read a couple books, took some after-dinner naps, started taking the cats for walks, and drank a lot of tea. I also got a cortisone shot in my foot because my stress fracture turned out to be an inflamed tendon. The cortisone shot hurt like nobody’s business and made my foot into one big purple bruise, but it worked! Within two days, I was walking without my weird peg-leg limp! Hurrah!

Anyway, I hope to do some sewing tomorrow, but until then, enjoy some pictures of that craft I made but couldn’t show pictures of until it made its way to the recipient. It’s a beach bag for my future sister-in-law! =D

Beachy keen!

Here’s the inside: (Check out my nice hems!)

I liked the colors!


And, finally, the nice square bottoms so that when it’s full, it can stand up on it’s own:


I was proud of it! The terry-cloth fabric seemed perfect for a beach bag, and I still have some left over. I’m not sure what I’ll make out of that but hopefully, whatever it is, I’ll make it before we head up to the Cape this summer!

That’s all for now; hope everyone had a great week!


Bonus picture: Sora is all about the Macbooks.

How convenient.


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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

2 responses to “surprise post #2

  1. Mom

    I like the way you drop “taking cats for walks” into your list of typical activities–so casually, as if everyone is out walking their cats on a daily basis! I’d like to see photos of the cats in their leashes! 🙂

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