what best friends are for

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to post real quick today before everybody gets back to their Memorial Day parades and whatnot! Caity came up to visit after church today and we had a pancake lunch together (cooked by Chef Jordan!)


We used pancake mix from Great Harvest and they were very yummy!

Besides just gifting me with her presence, Caity also brought me this:


That’s her sewing machine from when she was a kid; she used to sew curtains and rugs and whatnot for her dollhouse! How thoughtful was that?! I went ahead and finished up the last of those four shirts from yesterday and was thrilled with how well it ran! I’m holding onto this one to use until I’m able to set up my new sewing machine (which should arrive Thursday.) I have a fantastic best friend, don’t I? =D

Now I’m eating wasabi peas (one of my favorite snacks ever!), drinking iced tea and watching The Glades. I’m living the life. =P Hope everybody else is having a good day, too!


PS: 95% of my site views today have been from Malaysia! You guys are fab; thanks so much for reading!


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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

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