good news, bad news

Hey, friends!

Ready to play good news/bad news? Actually, it’s more like, good news, good news, bad news, good news. (Try to keep up.) Okay, go!

1. I’m going to have custom clothing tags made! Kristen, the marketing assistant at work, does some freelance work, so I’m going to commission her to make a nice little logo for me that I can use as on fabric tags, as the header for my blog, and perhaps on business cards some day! Isn’t that nifty?! Here’s her website if you want to check out her work! I suggest looking at the children’s illustrations portion because I think it’s fab. =D

2. Another one of my coworkers asked me to do some alterations to a couple of shirts she bought, which is what I spent the day doing. They were all a little too long, so I took some measurements and did some hemming. I love the patterns!

I like that orange one best!

And here’s Fantasia wearing one of the finished products:


I got three and a half out of the four shirts done today, which brings us to…

3. My sewing machine broke. Again. This time, I think it’s for good. =( No fear, though, my sister-in-law got it when she was in middle school, and she just finished her first year of college, so it’s lived a good life. I was still a little bummed though because I love Sir Mends-A-Lot. Sigh. But…

4. I ordered a new machine after doing mucho research, and it should be here on Thursday. It’s the Janome 2212 and it looks like this:


She got great reviews and was definitely in my price range at around $150. My first project with her will be finishing the final foot of the that last shirt. (Awful timing, right?)

So that’s my day in a nutshell. Oh, wait! I have one more piece of good news! After much anticipation, it finally arrived! (“What arrived?” you say, naively.) Just the most exciting thing ever!

Yer a wizard, Kitty!

That’s right, my letter from Hogwarts arrived, via owl. Everybody get jealous. (As you can tell by the address on the envelope, it actually arrived while I was in Florida, but I didn’t take pictures until now.) I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I have no proof, but I think my sister-in-law, Hani, might have had something to do with it… =P

Anyway, that’s all for now as Jordan and I will just be hanging around the house with Caity tomorrow and perhaps having a picnic date on Monday. But only because we did our chores first. The kitties helped. Here they are folding laundry:

Toasty warm.

What would we do without them?! Have a great weekend, everybody!



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

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