you want a blog? you can’t handle this blog!

Get ready for the most action-packed blog EVER!

I’ve got one craft that can’t be shown until after I mail it to the person it was made for, so keep your eye out for that. (This is actually the second of those, both will be shown later this month!) But that’s craft 29 of 52. And it is Complete. =P

Next up was making a bag for Caity, similar to the one I made for myself. She came up last Sunday and we went to Joann’s to pick out fabric. Here’s what she chose:

Yeah, blue!

The polka dots were for the outside, the blue pattern for the border and the plain blue for the lining. Here’s some action shots, courtesy of Caity: (Hover your mouse over them for descriptions!)

Picking out music in my crafting glasses.

Cutting the outer pieces (wearing J's sweatpants.)

Cutting the lining (with super red hair!)

Basting the lining.

And here’s the finished bag:

Recognize the bow fabric?

And here are both of our bags, side by side:

Twinsies!Craft 30 of 52: Complete! Also, Caity made these two hair bows:

For her.

For me!

Some point between this craft and the next, J and I had stuffed peppers for dinner and I took pictures because they were so colorful:

Om nom nom!

(They were also delicious.)

Finally, my boss and her husband (who also works at Airmatic!) bought a cushion for an outside bench. The cushion, however,  was 5″ too long, so they asked if that was something I could fix. I decided it was. =P Isn’t the fabric pretty?

Oh, hey there, Sisko.

As per usual, Sisko was right there to help me.

Yup. That's helping.

First, we ripped open the seams at both ends and peeled back the fabric, exposing the inner foam.

My trusty seam ripper.

Then we cut two and a halfish inches off of each side.

These are some of my new scissors!

During this step, I accidentally cut through the back layer of fabric on one end. “No fear,” I said. “I can fix this.”

What can't duct tape fix?

Before you gasp in horror, I made sure that this would be covered by another layer of fabric when it was finished. =P No duct tape is showing anywhere on the final product. (However, there are seven pieces inside, because pinning the foam wasn’t an option.)

After that, I just folded the top layer of fabric over the back layer and sewed it down with nice looping stitches.

Upholstery fabric is nice to work with because it holds it shape so well.


And check out the corners:

I think it turned out nicely!

Craft 31 of 52: Complete!

Whew! That was a lot of crafting. I need a break now. Time for goat cheese and pita chips. =P Hope you guys all have a great weekend and a muy divertido Cinco de Mayo!



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

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  1. mama pihl

    Such a talented and wonderful daughter-in-law I have! 🙂

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