bonus post: the kitties love the lasers

Jordan and I were afraid that the cats were getting bored, so we bought them some new toys on Amazon. (Free 2 day shipping with our Prime membership!) We got them a wand with a feathered mouse on it for chasing, some springs for batting around the house, and a weighted bird that shoots a laser out so that when they bat the bird, the laser bobbles. The feathered toy is growing on them, but they hate the springs, and they can’t figure out how to play with the laser bird themselves. Which basically means that the toy I had hoped could be their “play-amongst-yourselves” toy is now the “mommy-play-with-us-this-very-second-toy.”

Here’s a video of me waving their dumb bird around and them having the time of their lives. (Sorry it’s so dark!)

Side note: You can see that the laser flickers on and off every once in a while, because it’s supposedly motion-sensitive. I thought that was crap, so I got them a really cheap laser pen we can play with instead which will be here on Friday. The things we do for these cats. =P



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