a beautiful sunday

Happy Palm Sunday, friends!

I went to church alone this morning because Mr. Jordan was exhausted and couldn’t be roused from bed. =P I was content to let him sleep through it because it looked like he needed it, but I guess he got up shortly after I left as I got home to two loads of folded laundry, a clean house, no dishes, and a lovely breeze blowing in through our open windows! Wow!

Before I talk about today’s craft, just wanted to show everyone what I saw when I came into the living room this morning:

She's a little bookworm...bookcat?

Yup, that’s Sisko doing some light reading of the book J left open last night. =P

Anyway, after I got home from a great Palm Sunday service, I mustered up the nerve to finally use the most beautiful fabric in my stash. Maybe the most beautiful fabric in the world.

Collective gasp!

Is that not the most gorgeous pattern ever?! Up close, it looks like it’s all hand-drawn with crayons or markers and it is just…beautiful. My sister-in-law, Hani, bought it for me in Malaysia. I love it.

Because it’s so fabulous, though, I was really hesitant to use it. What if I made the wrong thing out of it?! What if I regretted using it?! After much deliberation (seriously, a couple week’s worth) I decided to go with a floor length, summer skirt. First, I figured out how long it should be and then added my seam allowances (more on that in a sec.) The kitties like to help.

"You measure, I'll cut."

Next, I hemmed all four sides: the bottom half an inch, the sides half an inch, and the top two and a half inches. (I fold my hems, pin them, and then fold them again and re-pin so that there isn’t any fraying which made my seam allowances 1, 1, and 5 instead of .5, .5, and 2.5. Just a technical note!)

Then I inserted my elastic into the 2.5 inch hem and sewed the two ends of the elastic together. My elastic was 2 inches wide so it fit quite snugly in my casing. Finally, I sewed the two sides of the skirt together and I was done!


When I wear it, it grazes the top of my feet but doesn’t touch the ground. Perfect! Also, as a bonus, it can be worn as a belted dress!

Fantasia's such a champ.

I am in love with this skirt/dress. And I have no regrets about using the fabric, either!! Craft 26 of 52: Complete! We’re halfway there, team!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

3 responses to “a beautiful sunday

  1. Diane Blythe Nave

    That’s beautiful!

  2. Mama Pihl

    Love the skirt/dress and it couldn’t have been made with a more beautiful fabric!

  3. Mom

    Perfect use of that gorgeous fabric!

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