a button bonanza

As you can see, I grew weary of matching lyrics with my posts. It’s the beginning of a new era. (Or rather, it’s the start of something newwww! – Yes, I have seen High School Musical.)

Anyway, I made these nifty fabric covered buttons the other day and wanted to share some pictures!

I'm going to sew buttons on EVERYTHING.

They were really easy. You get a button with a shank (ie: not one with holes, but instead with that little loop on the back) and you cut a circle of fabric slightly larger than your button. Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle and don’t tie off the thread. (I mean, tie it off where you started, but not where you finished.) Then, put your button in the center of the circle and pull the loose end of the thread until the fabric is tight around your button, with just the shank exposed! Tie off the thread, and tada! Fabric covered buttons! Craft 25 of 52: Complete!

I made these four to match the jacket I’m making:

They ARE chic, aren't they?

I love how they turned out! The kitties do, too. Every time I finished a button, I’d set it down on the bed next to me, and Sora would pick it up in her mouth and carry it away. She also loves fabric scraps. Last night, she saw me throw some little scraps away and she pulled the whole bag out of our bedroom trash can, dragged it across the room, and shook it around until the scraps fell out. Then she carried them off in her mouth. Could my kitties be any cuter?! This is us playing with some string. =)



Tomorrow is Saturday which means video chatting with my parents over breakfast and then going to the grocery store while Jordan works. =) Hopefully, I’ll make some decent headway on my jacket too. Also, I have a couple things to tailor, plus a baby blanket and a beach bag to make. My biggest problem is that I see so many things to make, I don’t know which to start first! That’s what’s so great about Saturdays, sometimes I can get two or three projects in! Here’s hoping tomorrow is one of those days!



About whatkittydid

I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

3 responses to “a button bonanza

  1. Diane Blythe Nave

    My problem is I start new projects before the other ones are finished!

  2. Mama Pihl

    Can’t wait to meet those adorable kitties of yours!! We will be down in April. Not sure which weekend, but we will talk when we get back up to Massachusetts!

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