i wouldn’t sell my belt to industry

Happy Sunday, friends! (And lycklig söndag to my Swedish readers!)

Jordan and I went to church this morning where it was youth Sunday, which means the youth in the church do everything: they greet, they usher, they sing, they preach. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, they were fabulous and I was so glad we got to experience that! Afterward, we came home and had tomato soup for lunch. (With grilled cheese for J and tater tots for me!)

Then, I turned on some Netflix and made this cool belt! I started by wrapping fabric around a strap of canvas to make the fabric sturdier. The canvas came wrapped around the blankets my aunt gave us for Christmas. =)


Then the kitties got involved and started playing with my thread.

Naughty Sisko!

So I built a wall to keep them out.

Yes, Caity, I'm watching what you think I'm watching. =P

She looks disgruntled back there, doesn’t she? Anyway, after that I sewed both ends of the fabric into a point.

Soon it will be time to take those flannel sheets off the bed!

Then I attached velcro after trying it on and marking where it overlapped.

Very exciting pictures, I know.

(That’s actually the velcro that came off of the canvas strips I wrapped up to begin with! Recycling for the win!) After that, I made a big bow out of complementary fabric and stitched that on. Here’s Fantasia rocking our new belt!

She's still wearing yesterday's skirt. =P

Craft 24 of 52: Complete! Mama Pihl pointed this out yesterday, and I think she’s right: I’m way ahead of schedule! Sweet!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this lazy Sunday afternoon while J and I go see The Hunger Games! (And may the odds be ever in your favor!)



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

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