welcome to the black parade

Hello, friends! (And selamat sore to my Indonesian readers!)

Today was a busy day! I visited Jordan at work where I had a Morning Glory muffin and coffee, and then I went to JoAnn fabrics to pick up some elastic, velcro, remnants (of course), and the most exciting thing: scissors! I’ve been using my sister-in-law’s left-handed scissors for four years. (Spoiler alert: I’m not left-handed.) I got a pack of four pairs for $6! And they’re all different types and sizes. Tried the seven inch straight scissors out today and they were faaaabulous! =D

Anyway, after that I came home and got to work(/play). I started with this fabric:

It's like a geometric giraffe.

I cut it into so that the length was right at my knee, and the width was my bust measurement + 1/2 of my bust measurement. I cut it in half so that I had two pieces that were knee length, then I hemmed all four sides of each one.

I hemmed and hawed.

Then I pinned the two rectangles together, wrong sides out, and sewed up the side. I stopped when I got seven inches from the top. Next, I sewed a casing across the top of both the front and back, and slid a very long ribbon through it. Then I put it on Fantasia! (Her man-shoulders were no match for this one!) Check out all the ways this dress can be worn:

Marilyn Monroe style.

Strapless beach style.

Ruffled front style.

This is basically American Apparel’s Le Sac dress, so you can go here to see lots of different ways you can wear it! Isn’t that nifty?! (For those of you with good memories, I made one of these last summer out of some white silky fabric. Somehow, don’t ask me how, I lost it. How do you lose a dress? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s gone.) Craft 22 of 52: Complete!

I took a break to play with the kitties at this point. I dangled a long strip of the fabric I’d just trimmed off my dress and they chased it all over the place. At one point, I was twirling around in the bedroom, while the cats both chased the fabric around and around as I spun. Then I got so dizzy I thought I would throw up. It was worth it.

After that, I got back to sewing! This past winter, I made a sweet black velvet skirt and it was so nice I wanted a summertime version. I grabbed two different black materials, one an almost sheer silk with leaves embroidered on it and the other a thicker, stiffer cotton. I hemmed them together at the top, and then hemmed the sides and bottom. The bottom was tricky because the underlayer was three inches longer than the top. It made the skirt look neat, but was tougher to sew. Then I added a zipper and some pleats and adjusted it until it was just right!

I love how simple and elegant this looks!

I’m pleased with it! It’ll be a nice staple for my summer work wardrobe! Craft 23 of 52: Complete!

Unrelated: I bought this beautiful, Oriental-looking, teal, embroidered, thick, silky fabric at JoAnn’s a couple weeks ago in the remnant bin. I was psyched because it had a neat effect where the embroidery showed in certain lights but not as well in others. It’s really shiny so it doesn’t photograph well, but I tried:

Beautiful, right?

When you buy remnants, they are rolled up with a piece of paper wrapped around them saying how much fabric there is and how much it costs. I finally got around to unwrapping this one last night and, oh my gosh, I realized the fabric had been wrapped up with the backside of the fabric facing out. I unrolled it to discover that the fabric actually looked like this: (Reminder, it’s really hard to photograph!)

Shiny things are hard to photograph. =(

It has a beautiful brown/blue thing going on and I love it! I was so shocked to open it up, though!

I think that’s all for now! Tomorrow night, Jordan and I are going to see The Hunger Games with Erica and Jake, which is very exciting! Hopefully there will be time for crafting between church and the movie though! I have a belt, and a sweet jacket in mind! =D



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One response to “welcome to the black parade

  1. Mama pihl

    I am able to keep abreast of your blogging from playa del Carmen so you can add that to your list of readers from afar! Love the new dress you made. You seem to be ahead of schedule with the number of crafts you have made this year.

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