with me and my teal dream

Hi, friends! (And olá to my Brazilian readers!)

I used up another remnant today! Pulled out this lovely teal and multi-colored striped fabric to make a first-day-of-spring skirt! (Sadly, I will not be wearing it until the second day of spring.)

First, I pinned and sewed the hems and pleats. To make sure I pleated just the right amount of fabric so the waistband would be the right length, I measured my hips and got 32 inches. I added an inch for seam allowance so I ended up with 33 inches. I took two pins and stuck them in my couch, 33 inches apart from each other. Then I laid my fabric down and pleated until it matched up with the pins!


Close up of my fab hems:

I love the colors in the stripes.

And of course, the zipper:

I'm thinking about going pro.

After all those bits were completed, I hemmed up the back under the zipper and tried it on! I had to add a few more pleats because while I do have boy hips, I have some curve from waist to hip that I’d forgotten to account for. Here’s the finished product:

Can you spot the kitty cat in the photo?

And from behind:

Whee! Springtime!

The flash blurs the stripes in the fabric, but I think it’s still cute. =P Craft 21 of 52: Complete!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!



About whatkittydid

I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

One response to “with me and my teal dream

  1. Mom

    Great looking skirt!

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