saturday, when these open doors were open-ended

Hello! (And ciao to my Italian readers!)

Today, Jordan got up early to go to work and I slept in until, like, 10:30. It was ridiculous. I just laid in bed and cuddled with the kitties and it was a beautiful, beautiful way to spend my morning (albeit not very productive.) Eventually, I got up and cleaned the house, which included going through my dresser and closet and pulling out all my winter clothes to put in storage. I also pulled out some stuff I no longer wear and put it aside for the thrift store. Fun!

After all that was done (and the dishwasher was gurgling happily) I started my project. If you didn’t figure it out from yesterday’s clues, I wanted to make a big bag. I followed this design for the size and shape of it but deviated for the straps, bow, and border. First, I sewed the outer shell sides together, with a long strip for the bottom of the bag in between them.

The cats love bags. I'm surprised one of them isn't inside it.

Then I took a break and visited Jordan at work (where I got a free sugar cookie because I was wearing green!) When I got back, I followed the same steps with the lining fabric.

Got this in the remnant bin!

Next, I added the pleats to the outer shell.

It's already starting to look like a bag!

To make the lining fit inside the bag properly, I ran a long basting stitch around the whole thing, then pulled one thread so that the fabric would gather. I stuck the lining in the bag and pulled the thread until both the outer shell and the inner lining were the same size.

I love the way the red looks with the stripes.

Next, I sewed on the straps. My straps are wider than those on the original pattern because I like the wide, casual look.

Looking good, straps!

If I had read ahead in the tutorial, I would have hemmed the top portion of the bag before doing this. The original bag doesn’t need it because the final border is attached in two pieces that encase the unfinished hem. I had not planned on doing this (hence me putting the straps on early) but then I realized I’d have to do something to cover the exposed edge.

I decided to add red ribbon to the inside to cover the edge and then stitch the ribbon very closely to my border piece on the outside. Here’s the ribbon:

Got three yards of ribbon for $1.29 at Walmart!

And here’s the velcro I put on the inside:

Taking a break from the zippers. =P

If you look closely, you’ll see that I accidentally inserted the lining the wrong way so you can see all the seams. I was a little bummed out but there was nothing I could do since I didn’t notice until I was almost done with the whole thing. C’est la vie!

After I attached the outer border, I grabbed one of my new, free swatch samples I got in the mail. This one has red stripes and blue roosters and I love it. I took a bit of the blue floral fabric from the border and wrapped it around the swatch to make a bow. Here’s the finished product:


Craft 20 of 52: Complete!

I really enjoyed doing this bag because 1) I’d never made a bag before and 2) I learned a couple new things! For instance, ironing your pieces before you sew makes a HUGE difference. I ironed the straps and border piece and it just made everything look nicer and more professional.

I think I’ll take this bag with me to Florida because it will fit my books and whatnot for the plane ride!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous St Patricks Day. Enjoy some Irish Soda Bread for me!



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

4 responses to “saturday, when these open doors were open-ended

  1. Diane Blythe Nave

    Very nice! I love bags.

  2. Mama Pihl

    I LOVE the bag you made yesterday! Another clever project. Where do you come up with all of these wonderful ideas? Such a talented daughter-in-law I have. So proud of her!!

  3. Adding velcro on the inside was a fantastic idea!! I’m glad you enjoyed making the bag it turned out great!

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