you know it’s just a matter of time, surprise, surprise

Good evening, friends! (And selamat malam to my Malaysian readers!!)

Before we get into tonight’s craft, check this out: I made something using the strawberry/kiwi fabric! Buuuuuuut it’s a surprise for someone who reads this and I don’t want that person to know what it is! So here is a super-super close-up instead:

Guess what it is.

Craft 18 of 52: Complete! I’ll post more pictures when it’s no longer a surprise. =) Until then, my other projects will have to do!

Remember the orange/red and white striped fabric? I decided to make it into a fun skirt with a zipper. (My zippers arrived in yesterday’s mail!) The fabric has some stiffness to it which will make the stripes stay straight while I wear it. So yay for that! The tough part is that there isn’t a whole lot of room for mistakes since I pretty much have the exact amount of fabric I need. Here’s to challenges!

First, I laid my fabric out and pinned the lining to it. (The fabric from the lining is actually the shawl/wrap from an old bridesmaid’s dress my boss gave me. Go upcycling!) I also pinned the top and bottom hems.

I love red!

Next, I sewed over my pins and inserted the zipper.


I sewed the two ends together to make a big oval and then put it on Fantasia to see how it looked so far.


It was a bit large. Luckily, this was planned. =P I needed it to be large so that it would have some poof to it at the end. First, I thought I wanted pleats but that meant that I would lose the straightness of the stripes, so instead I decided to sew a strip of elastic about four inches below the top hem to create a look that is similar to a paper bag if you grabbed the center. I had to do this part twice because the first time I didn’t pull the elastic tight enough as I sewed and when I was done, my skirt was too big. =( The second time was perfect though!


The red is a bit more orange/red in real life and I just love it! Here’s a close up of the ruffle:

Try to find the zipper. I dare you.


I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow with a bright yellow cardigan! I love spring! Also, craft 19 of 52: Complete!

In other news, here’s me in my batwing shirt which I wore to the office today:


Oh, hey there, Sisko.

Like the big ol’ bow in my hair? I’ve had that since I was four. It’s practically vintage. =P

That’s all for tonight, hope everyone has a great Friday!



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