just like the lady in a blue dress

Hello there, friends!

Much crafting has been done of late! Get ready to be wowed with this catch-up post! (Or at least moderately impressed.)

First, I made some jewelry. It was pretty easy. I bought some post earrings with flat fronts at JoAnn’s onto which I hot-glued buttons. Nice and simple, but super cute! Here’s a sampling of the finished products:

I gave the Christmassy ones to my mommy. =)
I love buttons!

Craft 12 of 52: Complete!

Next up, I re-dyed my wedding dress. Remember, it was a sea-foam green/blue before, but I was aiming for something a bit stronger in shade. Here’s the before picture:

I love the rhinestone pin!
It’s a gentle blue.

And here’s the after pictures:

So pretty!
It really took the dye this time!

The moral of the story is that if you want the dye to “take,” use liquid dye, not powder. I’m so pleased with how it turned out this time! Craft 13 of 52: Complete!

Finally, I sewed a pinafore -style dress out of some fabric I had leftover from a high-waisted skirt I made late last year. The fabric is super cute, it’s black with shiny-silver crowns on it. The exciting part here was the pleating. First, I took the long piece of fabric that was left over, cut off a strip to use for the waist band and straps, and  and hemmed the long sides of the remaining block. Then I laid it out on my workspace (which also happens to be the back of the couch.)

My very professional craft area.
Told you it was a long piece of fabric!

Then I hemmed the waistband piece and laid that out right above the long skirt piece. I pinned the center of the waist band to the center of the skirt piece, and both ends of the waist band to the matching ends of the skirt piece. Next, I pinned the mid-point between the center and the end of the skirt piece and pinned it to the mid-point between the center and the end of the waistband. Then I followed that same procedure on the other side. I did this again and again, pinning the centers of each new segment together, until I had a lot of pins, spaced evenly apart.

I love how the ruffles look here.
This was less tedious than it appears.

When that was done, I sewed it all down. Finally, I attached my (hemmed) straps to the front and back of the waistband. Finished product?

I look less like a disco ball in real life.

And the mandatory spinning picture. (Ignore my t-rex arms.)

I got the spinning giggles. Incidentally, that would be the name of my band if I had one.
Daaaancing queen, young and sweet, ooonly seventeeeen! (That’s disco, right?)

Craft 14 out of 52: Complete! 27% of the way there! Hope everyone had a great Wednesday and that tomorrow is even better!



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

2 responses to “just like the lady in a blue dress

  1. You’re on fire! Go Kathleen!

  2. April

    I love the black and silver dress, so cute!

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