butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer

Happy Sunday!

Today is a big day for crafting! I’ve got two crafts AND a baking adventure to share with you! We’ll start with the baking! Midweek, Jordan requested that we make cupcakes because I was showing him some cupcake baking blogs and they just looked so good. So we did. =) Here are our delicious chocolate chip cupcakes with whipped vanilla frosting!

The wrappers have pretty blue designs on them!
What a sweet treat!

Yay, cupcakes! Next up, I finished my butterfly skirt that I began right before my sewing machine broke. It wasn’t too hard since I’ve made skirts like this before, but I added a white underskirt layer to keep the skirt from being see-through in direct light and that was new for me! Here’s some pictures:

Look at Fantasia, strutting her stuff.
Shiny! Exciting!

And a close up:

She's so photogenic.
I love the watercolor effect on the fabric!

Sorry there aren’t more pictures of the process but with the sewing machine gone and everything, I was all out of whack. =( I’ll get my act together in the future. For instance, with this next craft!

Like I mentioned before, Jordan and I went home to Jersey on Saturday to see my parents and hang out with Caity. She and I had some jewelry making to do! We decided to make Golden Snitch necklaces in recognition of our great love of Harry Potter. (I told you it would be magical!!) First, we went to JoAnn’s and Michael’s and got our supplies.

Ooh, fancy!
Pliers, lobster clasps, chains, beads…we’re all set!

I doubled my chain to give it a less-delicate look. Then, I attached the lobster clasp to one side and a jump ring to the other.

"1-Adam-12, a 415 fight group with chains and knives."
Nifty keen.

Next, I made my snitch, which ended up being silver and blue because Caity and I thought the colors were pretty. Also, it’s much harder than you’d think to find a plain, large gold bead.

The blue snitch: elusive cousin of the golden snitch.
Just as pretty as gold. =)

After this, I attached the newly-made pendant to the chain. Unfortunately, because I had to attach each side to two chains because of the doubling, I, of course, attached it to the wrong two and had to re-do it. Everyone take note of my Dad kneeling on the floor next to me, casually reading a book. We like to spend time with each other and he didn’t at all leap into the frame just as Caity took the picture. =P

Accio, pliers!
Sadly, Dad is not reading Harry Potter.

After some last-minute tweaks, revisions, and repairo spells, here are the final products!

If you want to see a larger picture, point your mouse at it and say "Engorgio!"
I’m so wearing this to Harry Potter world this summer.
It's so magical!
Everyone should check out Caity’s nail polish. It’s “crackly.”

Tada! Crafts 6 and 7 of 52: Complete!


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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

One response to “butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer

  1. The snitch necklace is awesome! YOu should sell them on etsy!

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