catnip dream, meow meow meow


I’ve got today’s promised craft, ready to share! It’s a doozie, so I hope you’re sitting down. (Really, it’s just the video that will knock your socks off and make you say “awww!”)

Jordan and I made kitty toys for our little honeys today! In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I did almost all the work. But Jordan played with the kittens and was very supportive. Also, the catnip was from his mommy. Thanks, Mama Pihl!

First, I found some old flannel pajamas in my fabric stash. They are polka-dotted and fabulous. I also have flannel with little cats on it, but I thought that would be cuter for a craft where you could actually see the fabric when I was done. Anyway, I traced a seven inch circle, using a pyrex container as a guide.

Polka dots are so fun!
This is the wrong side of the fabric.

I cut it out and then cut two-inch slits, eighteen times around the circle, making a fringe. Then I put some catnip right in the center.

Pretty exciting.
The kitties started getting intrigued at this point.

Then I tied a couple of opposite fringe pieces together; not all of them, but enough to seal the catnip in the middle and prevent it from spilling all over our floor when the kitties played. Also, leaving some of the pieces dangling made the kitties more interested. Here’s a picture of it after they’ve been playing with a bit:

Mmm, attractive.
They like it! They really like it!

And, as an added bonus, here’s live footage of Sora having the time of her life with her new toy! (I made one for each of them so there wouldn’t be any fighting!)

I don’t know why her tail gets so puffy when she plays, but I love it!

Anyway, that’s craft 5 of 52: complete! Stay tuned for a (waitforittttt) guest blogger later this week!!!



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