forget you and forget her too

Hi friends!

Good news, bad news time. Good news: I haven’t forgotten about this blog, my New Year’s resolution or any of my adoring fans. =P Bad news: My sewing machine has been broken for two(ish) weeks and is now being shipped to Baltimore to be repaired. I should have it back in 10-14 days. Sigh.

Because of this, I’m going to tweak my New Year’s resolution a tiny bit. Rather than 1 craft a week, I’m going to aim for 52 crafts a year. Which is basically the same thing but it gives me more freedom during this whole broken-sewing-machine-thing.

So, while I don’t have a craft for you at this moment, I still wanted to write a quick blog updating you on things. Things like the fact that, tomorrow, J and I are going to craft together. It’s going to be a blasty-blast. Get psyched. =P We’re also going to church, and Nudy’s and possibly Jenkins Arboretum!

On an unrelated note, Jordan and I made two delicious popsicles the other day in our awesome eight-minute-popsicle-maker. (I highly recommend it, especially if you have young kids. Or are just really impatient. Like us.) First, we had Creamsicle popsicles made from OJ and almond milk, then last night we had Blueberry-Apple popsicles made from apple sauce and blueberry preserves. Deeelicious!

That’s all for now, folks, but I’ll be back in full swing soon! (Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!)


About whatkittydid

I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

One response to “forget you and forget her too

  1. Megan

    Your ridiculous.

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