‘c’ is for cookie, that’s good enough for me

Hi! Hi, friends!

Ready for a quick update on my life before we dig in to this week’s craft? First of all, I got a brand new cord for my sister-in-law’s camera which is now my camera because Jordan stole it from her when she got a new camera. (Did that make sense?) Anyway, get excited because that means the quality of my pictures is about to go up. Way up.

Second, tomorrow morning Jordan and I are mailing out the first two batches of submissions to poetry journals!

The possibilities feel endless!

There are five poems in each of those envelopes, heading out into the big wide world, hoping to make a mark. How exciting!

Third, Caity is coming up on Saturday to spend some time hanging out with Jordan and me! Can you blame her for missing us? We’re so cool.

They don't make cool like us anymore.
Oh, heck yes.

Okay, time to get down to business! This week’s craft was a batch of delicious sugar cookies with Nutella filling. The recipe comes from Peabody’s blog and even though World Nutella Day isn’t until February 5th, I’m making them now. Call me overexcited. Go ahead, take a look at that recipe. Tell me you wouldn’t be overexcited, too.

So, first I made the sugar cookie dough using this recipe, also from Peabody’s Culinary Concoctions. I halved the recipe because it started out HUGE. (7 1/2 cups of flour!) Jordan went grocery shopping while I was at work and picked up some last-minute supplies.

I love my melamine bowl set.
I like any recipe where the butter to egg ratio is 1:1.

I beat the butter and powdered sugar together then added the eggs.

See the bowls? Love them!
Mmm, whisk-y. (Whisk-y, not whiskey.)

Next, I added the flour. A lot of it.

Wow. Just look at the quality of these pictures.
A lot.
I mean, really!
A little less.
Just phenomenal.
All mixed in!

Then I checked the recipe to see what the next step was. “Refrigerate dough for at least 4 hours.” Oh. Did not see that the first time I read the recipe. I stuck it in the fridge, checked my email, watched an episode of Bones, uploaded some pictures, and decided that was long enough. Time to roll it out!

[Okay. Time to be honest. I wrote that first portion of the blog while I was waiting for the cookies to chill. It’s been almost two hours since I got them out of the fridge. Two solid hours of rolling, cutting, flouring, filling, baking and icing. There was so much dough. I cannot emphasize that enough: There was so much dough. Here’s a photographic summary of the rest of the adventure. Hover your mouse over the picture to read what I was thinking.]

Current thought: This is going to be great.
Rolling out the dough and cutting the circles.
Current thought: Yeah, this is fun!
Squeezing the filling into the cut-outs.
Current thought: Irked that there's flour everywhere already?
Folding the circles and sealing the edges.
Current thought: This is taking forever.
Putting the cookies on the tray.
Current thought: 18 cookies down, 4 billion to go.
Cutting more circles and transporting them to the counter for filling.
Current thought: I hope J doesn't want to wear this tomorrow.
Realizing there’s flour freaking everywhere.
Current thought: How am I only halfway done?
Running out of space to put the cookies coming off the trays.
Current thought: If these aren't good, I'm going to go to bed and never get up.
Deciding I’m over this and making regular sugar cookies and a nutella pie.
Current thought: Finally. FINALLY.
The finished products.
Current thought: The smell of sugar is making me feel sick.
An inside view.
Current thought: Someone...anyone...bring me to my bed.

Week 3 of 52: Complete.


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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

2 responses to “‘c’ is for cookie, that’s good enough for me

  1. Mom

    Wow–looks like way too many cookies for you and Jordan. Hmmm, here’s an idea! I bet you could freeze some for poor relations who like cookies! 😉

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