on a bicycle built for two


No craft today, but I wanted to share another blog you should be following. This belongs to Taylor and Steve, two guys from New England who are bicycling across the United States and who slept in our living room last night.

Check out the bikes in the background. Nice.
Those faces just scream “let us sleep on your couch!”

They started in Massachusetts and are cycling down to Florida and then across to California, all in six months. They are pretty sweet guys (in both senses of the word!) and we were glad to open our home to them!

We had a dinner of Chinese food together (made by Jordan!) and the boys all enjoyed a cold glass of chocolate milk.

Taylor's camera is super nice.
Me giggling while Jordan slaves over a hot stove.

Then Steve serenaded us with his guitalele until Erica came over! We all had a lot of fun, as you can tell:

This one's for you, Jenna Marbles.
I love her.

Eventually, we had to go to bed and the fun was over.  But the fun is just starting for you! You can check out their blog and track their trip across the country! And, if you’re lucky, you live in an area they’re biking through and will be able to offer up your couch to them! (They come with great references.)

That’s all for now, hope everyone had a good Monday and that the week just keeps getting better!



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

3 responses to “on a bicycle built for two

  1. Karen Thibodeau

    Hi Kathleen… Jordan, too! Thanks so much for generously hosting my boys! There aren’t words enough to express how grateful I am knowing they are warm and safe each night!!! And great promo!! God Bless! karen (Taylor’s mom)

  2. Karen Thibodeau

    Ha ha! Kyle would need some real heavy duty motivation to DRIVE to your house! And we love him just the same! 🙂 Thanks again… karen

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