tangled up in plaid

Happy New Year!

Before I show you my very first craft of 2012 (craft 1 of 52: complete!) I thought I’d share this video in case anyone else is feeling a little blah that the holidays are over. If, like me, you’re a bit sad that your next three day weekend isn’t until Memorial Day, you should watch this dance, which was choreographed by the wondrous Kate Jablonski. Afterwards, you can’t help but feel happy!

Okay! On to my big day of crafting! First, Jordan and I celebrated the start of the New Year by going to Nudy’s Cafe for brunch. I had raisin bread french toast and Jordan had the farmer’s omelette. Both meals were, as expected, fantastic. (It was extra fantastic because we got Nudy’s gift cards for Christmas – from both sets of parents!)

When we came home, Jordan settled in with his book and I picked through my fabric box for anything that would inspire me. I settled on this flannel shirt that didn’t fit Jordan quite right:

Is plaid on plaid a fashion no-no?
I love the autumn colors in it.

I decided to make a warm winter skirt out of it. First, I cut off the sleeves and neck.

Snip, snip!
A bit too redneck-y for me at this stage.

I tried it on and pinned the sides to get it to fit properly. Then, I sewed the pin marks and hemmed the top.

Kramer says hi.
I love the pockets!

At this point, I realized a flannel pencil skirt was a bit weird looking. If it had more swoosh to it, it would have been a little better, I think. “No fear!” said I, “I shall make a jumper!” (I speak to myself very formally.) To make the straps for the jumper, I measured from the top of the skirt, over my shoulder, to the top of the skirt in the back. (Actually, Jordan measured it.) 27.5 inches. I cut four fifteen inch strips, then sewed them so I had two thirty inch strips. I took one of the thirty inch strips and sewed it to make a tube, with the wrong side of the fabric on the outside, then turned it right-side out to hide the seams. Then I did the same thing to the other strip.

What strapping young straps.
Turning them right side out took about half an hour. Ugh.

Finally, I pinned the straps to the front of the skirt and then had Jordan criss cross them and mark where they should go on the back with tailor’s chalk. I sewed them down, trimmed the excess, hemmed them, and tried it on one final time!

Here’s the finished product from the front:

I’m a fashionable lumberjack!

From the back:

Our bedsheets match my jumper.
Good work on the criss-cross, Jordan. =D

And in motion:


I’m going to wear this to work tomorrow, I think! It will dress up nicely with leggings and a long sleeved shirt! What do you think, was this a good start to the New Year?


PS: Here’s a picture of Jordan and me on New Year’s Eve at my parents’ house. =)

We clean up nice.
Happy New Year!

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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

One response to “tangled up in plaid

  1. Mom

    You look so cute in the jumper! Such talent! I liked the video, too. It was the perfect antidote to my end of holiday doldrums!

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