i’ve got 100 resolutions

Hello friends!

I hope you all had joyous Christmases and spent lots of time with the people you love! Jordan and I spent lots of time with each other and that was the best! We had lots of fun and will always have wonderful memories of our very first Christmas. =) Plus, I got some really nifty gifts, like these knitted, fingerless gloves for work, handmade by Erica!

I love gloves!
Aren’t they wonderful?

I love them and am taking them with me to work tomorrow. (Side note: Someone brought a thermometer to work today to see how cold the office really is, because it always feels like it’s freezing. It was 59°F.)

Next up on the radar is New Years! Yay, New Years! I take my resolutions pretty seriously and try to make ones that mean something to me. This year, I put the kibosh on retail shopping all year, with the exception of buying wedding related garments, gifts, and underwear. Because some things just shouldn’t be bought used. =P I stuck to that all year and learned that I much prefer thrift store shopping. I can get more bang for my buck, and it allows me to reuse things, rather than waste resources for new stuff. On top of that, it’s always an adventure!

This year, I’ll be keeping the thrift store resolution and tacking on two new ones! First, I’ll be starting my “One New Craft A Week” adventure (more on that in a moment) and second, with Jordan’s encouragement, I’m going to start submitting my writing to publishers. =D

I realized yesterday that the new year is only a few days away and if I’m going to start crafting with more regularity, I’m going to need supplies. So, JoAnn Fabrics gift card* in hand, I went shopping!

I love the smell of fabric in the morning.
Ooh, ahh!

While I window shopped, I did some serious thinking about the kinds of things I wanted to make. I like clothes I can wear at home and to work. Things that are comfy but can be dressed up to a sort of “business casual.” I kept that in mind and decided on the following fabrics and projects.

First, I want to make a skirt with deep pockets out of this fabric:

Butterflies flutter by!
I love the watercolor effect!

I can whip up a skirt in a flash, but I like a challenge so this one is going to have pockets. I think it will have an elastic waist but you never know; I could get crazy and add a zipper! Before I bought this, I mentally checked out my closet and made sure I had at least two tops that would go with it. Look at me, I’m such an adult. =P

Next, I decided I wanted to make a vest. I have an adorable gray plaid vest that I bought at a thrift store for a dollar, and thought it would be nice to have something similar in a different fabric. Here’s the fabric I picked out:

I like stripes.
Fancy-shmancy, eh?

This fabric is seersucker which is very light, so I might have to put a lining in the vest. That seemed like something that I might need some guidance on, so I bought this:

Vests are best.
Look at all the variations!

That’s right: big girls use patterns. =D I bought extra seersucker fabric because I think I’d like a skirt as well. I love stripes. (Originally, I wanted to make a seersucker jacket but I think a vest is more my speed for now. Perhaps later in the year. Or next year. Or next decade.)

I also bought a couple yards of elastic because you can never have too much. (Also, if you’re like me, you lose a lot of it in the house.)

Anyway, I’m very excited and can’t wait for my supplies to arrive! Before I start any of that however, they’ll be at least one more baking post. Jordan and I have some bananas that are quite mushy and we’re going to make some of my renowned “Anna Banana Likes Venus By Bananarama” Banana Bread. Stay tuned!


*The gift card was a Christmas present from my boss. How thoughtful was that?!


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