after all, there’s only one more sleep till christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today, I baked these yummy maple syrup cookies for our neighbors and, of course, for Jordan. =)

Mmm, delicioso!
The kitchen smells like Vermont.

They are delicious and very pretty, all rolled in sugar! I popped a dozen in a decorative box, tied them with a bow and left the box (with a note) on my neighbors’ doorsteps. I hope they like the surprise when they get home!

When I snuck upstairs to drop the gifts off, there was a big box sitting outside my door. Who could it be from? My big brother and sister-in-law! They have great timing, don’t they? My favorite part was the post-it note on one package that said: “Put in freezer until Christmas! PS: I’m apparently REALLY bad at wrapping! – Nate”

One of these things is not like the others!
I follow directions really well!

Then, while I was sitting on the floor rearranging the presents under the tree, Graycie came over to play! Look how sweet she is!

She makes me smile!

This is about two seconds after the first picture:

I still love her. =P

Tonight, Jordan and I are heading over to the Christmas Eve service at our church. We’re very blessed and just wanted to share some of our day with you!

Merry Christmas Eve!



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