she wears a white dress, she sees the light

Hi, friends!

It’s Saturday, and I just finished The Best Craft Ever! Are you ready to find out what it is? (Remember, yesterday’s hint was that my hair dying was a warm-up round.) Here’s the second hint:

A bucket, rubber gloves, green dye.
What could it be?!

Still don’t know? Would it help if I mentioned that little black packet is fabric dye? =) So I’m definitely dying something, but what is it? Drumroll, please.

I love this dress.
Perhaps you recognize it?

“Oh, a white dress,” you say, “how nice.” Not just any white dress, ladies and gents, my (gasp!) wedding dress!

We were picking rice out of our hair for days.
Oh, yeah, that’s the one.

I’m not one for saving things just for the sake of saving them. (Except for birthday/Christmas/graduation/wedding cards. I save ALL of those in a box on the bookshelf.) I figured I had two options with this dress. Hem it short and wear it as a cocktail dress, or dye it and have a sweet gown. I went with the latter because the swishy layers were one of my favorite parts of the dress, and those would be lost at knee length.

I bought bright green dye and read the instructions carefully.

These gloves got the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.
Clearly, I do not take after my father in this regard.

I soaked my dress in warm water, wrung it out, dissolved the dye, crossed my fingers, and dipped my dress in!

There's no going back now!
Thumbs up for my Seinfeld shirt.

I stirred it continuously for 15 minutes, then stirred it “regularly” per the instructions for another 45. (During that time, I sat on the kitchen floor watching Law & Order: SVU, swishing my dress about in the bucket.) When the time was up, I rinsed it out in cold water and then hung it up to dry. And the near-finished result?

Not really green, huh?
Ooh! Ahh!

As you can see, it’s much, much bluer than one would expect using green dye, but that’s because it was a dry-clean only fabric. For a while it looked like I was going to pull my dress out and it would still be white! After I see how it looks completely dry, I’ll have the option of dying it again, with the same shade of green, to see if I can get a slightly darker result. It also appears that some areas took the dye in a little better than other areas, but that may change as it dries. Overall, I am so pleased with this and had a lot of fun doing it! I knew, going in, that this was risky business (the kind where people look at you aghast as if dying/altering your dress means you no longer love your husband) but it was a chance I was willing to take because leaving it white meant I would never, ever wear it again. So, even if attempting to dye it absolutely ruined it, I would have lost nothing!

Luckily, I don’t believe this is ruined at all and I am quite excited to wear it again! When it’s dry, I’ll put it on and dance around in it. And take a picture, I guess. =P

Now I’m off to wrap some gifts, and run to ACME for chili supplies. (Rob’s coming over for dinner!) Let me know what you think of my dress in the comments!


*The wedding picture is courtesy of Aaron Mitchell Photography. Check out their blog for pictures of babies in curlers!


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2 responses to “she wears a white dress, she sees the light

  1. Dad

    The dress will be beautiful!! However, I would like to issue a formal correction to your inference that I do not read directions. This is clearly untrue based on my following mode of operations:
    1. Try to do it myself
    2. Try to fix the mess I’ve made by trying to do it myself
    3. Quickly skim the directions in an attempt to gain a hint as to where I have gone wrong
    4. Use bigger tools
    5. Claim the manufacturers are idiots and the item cannot possibly be used/assembled as intended
    6. Read the directions carefully
    So I will wait for my apology!! 🙂

  2. Mom

    You were very brave, and I agree–there is no downside if it doesn’t work out. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product!

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