she had long brown hair

The weekend is upon us! (Or, as Jordan and I like to say when we’re pretending to be German, “It is der weekend!”)

I spent the evening on a project that isn’t like my usual crafts, but it’s in a similar vein so I thought I’d write about it anyway! It all started with me feeling less than loving towards my hair. It was really light at the bottom and super mousy-brown at the top. Not okay.

It was kind of dull, too.

I went to the pharmacy and picked up some dye ($4.00 on sale!), came home, and went to town. This is me in the in-between stages, channeling my inner Kevin McCallister.

Home Alone!
This is my house. I have to defend it!

When I was finished, it looked like this:

I’m like the Little Mermaid!

It’ll lighten and set over the next few days, which will be fun to see! Also, I hope everyone is jealous of my big, pink, fuzzy bathrobe. I spent my Friday evening reading Good Housekeeping on the couch in said bathrobe. Who says turning into your mother is a bad thing? =P

Tomorrow, Jordan is spending the day at Eastern University’s library while I clean the house up a bit, maybe check out a book from the local library and perhaps put up the Christmas tree! Also, I shall embark on The Best Craft Ever! I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but I’ll give you a hint: today’s hair dying was a warm-up round. Yeah, color YOU intrigued. =D



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I'm a crafter, a feminist, a reader, a mom, and a cat-lover.

4 responses to “she had long brown hair

  1. I approve of the bathrobe, everyone needs a fuzzy bathrobe. However, I advise you only browse for Christmas trees this weekend. You can buy and set one up *next* weekend. ^_^

  2. Mom

    I have been mentioned in all 3 blogs! And you’re hair looks great!

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